a quick update

hello friends!
i hope you’re having a great week so far! i wanted to give you a quick life/blog update. when i started polish my crown over three years ago, i never imagined it would be a place where i would continue to share well into my mid-twenties. it’s been such a blessing for me to have this little place on the internet and to write and learn and grow. the purpose of the blog is to encourage people to live their best lives possible, to view themselves as queens. this, of course, never means to be bratty and stuck-up, but instead, clothed with strength and dignity, that flows from the inside out. i hope this blog is one you bookmark for the days you are looking for an added boost of inspiration and encouragement, a place where you are reminded that yes, you are enough and yes, everything will be okay.

that being said, real life, in-person me, the life-outside-of-blogging me, hasn’t been able to catch up. i wish i could tell you i have blog posts written and scheduled and tons of awesome new content to share, but i don’t. i’ve been traveling since early march and on another trip this week. my little sister gets in town on friday {!!!} for a week. i just haven’t had a chance to sit down and write and don’t forsee having a ton of time to write in the next week or so. rather than scramble to put something together, i’m accepting that it’s okay to take a little bit of a mini blog vacation during the next couple of days. it’s always been important for me-in-real-life to not sacrifice unhealthily for me-in-the-blog-world. this blog, one of my happy places, always has been important to me, but not at the sake of my personal wellbeing and my friends and family. i promise i’ll be back soon sharing more and more with you, but for the next few days, i’ll be off the blog.

until i’m back after this short hiatus, here’s a few old posts and series that i recommend reading if you’re looking for some love. you can also follow my adventures on instagram here!

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