2015 recap


2015 has been QUITE the year. it’s been one of the most joyful, jam-packed, celebration-filled, whirlwind years of my life. so many exciting things have happened, both big and small, and it’s been a year of change, growth and celebration. obviously, the biggest life milestone was getting married to E! the year was very wedding-related with lots of planning and organizing for our own and lots of celebrating for our own and other people’s weddings. i also made a big job change, which was necessary and a very good step in the right direction for my overall happiness and wellbeing. as much as i love san francisco, i loved traveling, and i’m grateful i’ve been able to do a lot of personal and work travel this year.

here’s a quick recap of what happened in this beautiful year!

excited for what’s ahead in 2016!

quit my job! {read more}
moved to a new apartment
started a new job at STAND
launched a new blog {read more}
paid off my student loans (!!!!)

TRAVELED TO: salt lake city, portland, austin x 2, nicaragua, LA x 3, yosemite, nashville, new york city, cayman islands,  ohio (FIVE TIMES! – april, june, july, september, december) & ending the year in mexico! (oh, and too many trips to wine country to count!)

#ANDIMARRIESERIC: so thankful for so many friends and family who celebrated us and showered us with love (and lots of champagne at my SF bridal shower AND at my ohio bridal shower AND at our SF wedding celebration and, oh yeah, at our wedding!

FAMILY THINGS! my baby sister hope graduated high school, sis #3 katie graduated BGSU with her undergrad, moved to columbus and started her first job and my sister kerry just graduated with her master’s degree in speech pathology. so proud to be their big sister! annnnnnd my sister katie just got a new st. bernard PUPPY!

SO MANY WEDDINGS! attended two weddings in LA {Oliver + Lisa, Vic + Jess}, three weddings in Ohio {including my own, plus Tim + Candice, Sarah + Greg} and one in Nicaragua (Luke & Renee).

SAN FRANCISCO: continued to explore the beautiful city i call home, including these cute shops, neighborhoods like north beach, bernal heights & the dogpatch, and these new (to me) spots

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