3 easy ways to create fall vibes at home with wayfair

Hello and happy fall! ? This is my first blog post coming to you from NASHVILLE! We moved in last Thursday and the past few days have been a crazy whirlwind as we’re trying to get settled and situated into our new house. I’m excited to share more soon about our process of buying our house and the ever-evolving list of projects and updates we’re doing to turn it into a home. ?

While in Europe, Wayfair  reached out and asked me to share more about decorating for fall. I have been partnering with their team for a few years, and was extra excited about this opportunity! I jumped on the opportunity to share about cozy fall home vibes because:

1) Nashville has real fall weather (San Francisco does not) and

2) I finally had more than 650(ish) square feet to work with and decorate!

But when we arrived in Nashville, it was 90 degrees outside and unbeknownst to us, our AC recently broke. Welcome to home ownership! We didn’t have AC for the first four days, and it was ungodly hot for every single day. Didn’t feel quite so fall. And of course, our house is in complete shambles, so it wasn’t / isn’t really possible to fully decorate when everything is in boxes and as we’re waiting for the interior walls to be painted.

So, while I wanted to share photos of gorgeous fall decor in my house, it just isn’t happening today/this week/maybe this month. So, without further ado, I present – THREE EASY WAYS TO CREATE FALL VIBES AT HOME! These tips aren’t revolutionary, but hope they inspire and remind you that you can evoke that fall spirit and vibe easily and inexpensively.

1. PUT PUMPKINS EVERYWHERE – Ok duh! Pumpkins are theeee easiest way to get in the fall spirit or make any nook in your home/apartment/room feel festive. They are also super cheap. I snagged a few from Home Depot and Trader Joes, and my mom brought a few from my grandparents farm! Pumpkins look good lined up on porch steps, on a bookshelf, in a bowl in the center of your coffee table or kitchen table, sprinkled throughout your apartment – ANYWHERE.

2. LIGHT A FALL CANDLE – Another quick and easy way to create ?good fall vibes ? in your home is with CANDLES. I loooove the smell of fall candles! Fall scents are way better (in my opinion) than sweet/spring-y smells. Here’s some great fall candles, if you’re looking!

3. BRING OUT THE FALL COLORS – this tip comes from my mom, who is currently in Nashville helping us get settled in. She’s my go-to for all things home decor related and gives great decorating advice! You don’t have to necessarily buy new things just for the fall season. Instead, work with what you have and put items that have fall colors in them (like yellows, oranges, reds) front and center. Shift around your throw pillows on the couch, so the ones with fall tones are in the front. Make a fall statement with a color-coordinated stack of books. Bring out your thicker, fall colored blankets (and tuck away the springtime, floral blankets). By bringing out fall colors in your home, you are naturally creating a warmer and cozy aesthetic. Voilà!

I’ve been shopping at Wayfair for years and have bought tons of stuff for our apartment and now house, like this gold bar cart, our headboard, our living room leather poufs, several rugs, and lots of decorative items like baskets. They really do have everything you might be looking for when it comes to your home, including SO MANY FALL THINGS. I’ll definitely be snagging more items from Wayfair for our new house — I’m already eyeing some dresser and storage benches for some awkward corners/hallways.

Thanks for reading and happy fall, friends! ?

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