8 IKEA Items We Have & Love

Hi! I wanted to share 8 items from IKEA that we have in our home and love! I first started shopping at IKEA as I  was furnishing my dorm room in college, as I think a lot of people do! IKEA can definitely have a “cheap, college-y” vibe, but I believe they have really upped their game when it comes to furniture and home decor lately. And, some of their storage solutions truly cannot be beat. The designs are minimal, which is nice because you can find things that “go” with whatever your style or taste is.

In our house, I try to have a mix of expensive, long lasting pieces with practical, functional pieces. For me, IKEA is great for smaller home decor pieces and storage solutions! I personally don’t have any big pieces of furniture from IKEA (dressers, beds, chairs, couches, etc.), but I do have some of the accent home decor pieces (like the stools and plant stands), the kids items (like the play kitchen and children’s stools) and storage solutions that I’ve been *very* impressed with. Especially for the cost – the IKEA items below are highly recommenced! Without further ado, here’s eight items from IKEA we have in our home and love! Thanks for reading!


Lucy plays with this kitchen daily! My parents bought it for her first birthday and did some hacks to it to make it a quirky, colorful custom kitchen. There are tons of great DIYs out there and the kitchen really is a blank space to customize or looks good on its own. This is definitely a super versatile children’s toy that encourages imaginative play – highly recommend!  This blog post shares more about our favorite pretend kitchen toys and accessories.

 SHOP – $89.00


Every time I  share photos of our family room, I get questions about these little stools! Instead of getting a kids art table, we just use our coffee table as Lucy’s “area” for coloring, playing, eating, etc. These small stools tuck under the coffee table perfectly and are light enough for Lucy to carry around the room (to her aforementioned play kitchen, for example). Highly recommend!

SHOP – $17.99/each


In our hallway, we have the Billy bookcase and honestly, I’m beating myself up for not getting it sooner! It fits our hallway perfectly and holds SO MUCH STUFF. We ordered the ‘half glass’ version, so you can see the items at the top but not the bottom. I *try* to store cute items and baskets in the top, and the not-so-cute stuff like backpacks, extra TP and towels, etc. in the bottom. You can adjust how high each shelf is too, making this bookcase incredibly versatile. This is a great storage solution if you don’t have a lot of closets (like us) or need something to fit a narrow hallway. Here’s a blog post all about it! I did swap out the knobs to make it “less IKEA” looking, which makes a huge difference!



We have two of these banana fiber stools that are great floor seating options! We usually stack them on top of each other to make a taller ottoman situation. Currently, they are stacked on one other with a sheepskin rug on top and it’s Jack’s little lounge spot. You could even use them stacked as side tables. They are very versatile!

SHOP – $29.99/each


I bought this mirror after seeing it in my friend Courtney’s house and just thinking it was so minimal and nice, especially for the price! It REALLY doesn’t “look IKEA.” We have the large size hanging above a console table in our front entry area.

SHOP –  $129.00


I’ve mentioned this before, but our old house has very minimal storage. No hallway coat closet, no linen closets, no bathroom closets, nothing! So, finding creative storage solutions has been very important. We have this shoe storage solution near our back door and it’s been great! I swapped the knobs for some more modern black pulls and I  think that makes a huge difference! This thing holds A LOT of shoes for its size. The narrow ledge on top is also nice — we keep herbs and plants on top, but if you had this near the front door, it would be a great catch-all for keys, wallet, etc.

SHOP – $99.00


This tiered plant stand is one of our more recent IKEA purchases! Simple, minimal design and holds 3 plants. Love it!

SHOP – $29.99


We use these photo ledges as book storage in Lucy’s room! We’ve had them for 2+ years — they used to be in Lucy’s closet nursery in San Francisco and we put them up in her room here in Nashville. As you can see, we have three hanging on top of one another. It’s fun to rotate what books are on the shelves; it’s almost like a piece of decor!
SHOP –  $14.99

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