a new blogging chapter!

hi friends! i’m super excited to reveal my newly rebranded and re-designed blog!

before i dive into the new blog, i wanted to share my blogging story with you guys. i started blogging at polish my crown in 2010 because i wanted an outlet to share, to document, to connect with others. the name polish my crown started after my friends and i made a realization that we needed to treat ourselves as queens, worthy of respect, dignity and love, even when other people don’t. we joked about ‘crown polishing’, which is essentially giving yourself or someone else a little pick-me-up – a compliment, a life truth reminder, a glass of champagne, a bouquet of flowers – whatever sets you back on the mindset that you are worthy of respect, dignity and love.

over the past five years, i’ve blogged throughout different chapters in life – from internships and new jobs to moves across the country and traveling around the world. i’ve documented really hard situations, like losing a friend, and i’ve shared happy life milestones, like graduating college and getting married. i’ve curated pretty photos, thought-provoking articles, #GIRLPOWER motivation and things that make me happy. i’ve met blogging-turned-real-life friends – that’s been one of the coolest things – getting connected to so many inspiring people! i’ve learned a lot of lessons about who i am and what i want my life to be about. i’ve shared my life story in bits and pieces and mostly, i’ve shared content all about thankfulness, self love and care and empowerment.

at times, i would share every single day and at other times, i wouldn’t blog for a week or so. i haven’t viewed my blog as a business or even side project necessarily, but instead as my own small piece of the Internet where i share what i’m going through with the hopes that it helps or inspires just one person. i’ve wanted to create a space that truly is a pick-me-up or ‘crown polish’ – people feel better, more empowered, inspired and ready to conquer whatever is ahead.

LUCKYANDIBLOG.com is a new blogging chapter for me! it’s not necessarily a new blog, because all the old content is still here and i’ll still be sharing what i normally post. it’s simply a new name and design that i’m so pumped about! i’ve been @luckyandi on social media for as long as i’ve been online and the name has just kind of stuck. rather than come up with a creative title for a new blog, i’m keeping it simple and just making this blog – luckyandi. there won’t be one set topic or theme for my posts, but the general, i’ll highlight adventures and celebrations. i am passionate about adventuring, so i’ll be sharing about travel and my adventures in san francisco, this magical city i currently call home. i want to always be conscious about appreciation and celebration, finding beauty and goodness in the every day and taking every moment to celebrate anything. you’ll find this kind of stuff in the thankful lists category & the celebrations category.

in my first ever post in 2010, i wrote: “this blog is not going to be all about me. it will not be a blog about ‘why my life is awesome’ or anything of the sort. i want to post videos, stories, pictures, quotes and anything else that inspires me, confuses me, makes me happy and/or anything else that adds to the thrill of everyday life. i want this blog to reflect why it’s important to laugh at certain situations and why it’s important to learn from all situations. I choose to remain positive, even when I’m feeling pretty low and a little ‘crown polishing’ never hurt anyone. i hope you enjoy reading why i am happy finding inspiration in my everyday life.”

in this new chapter of my blogging adventure, i’ll echo what 20-year-old me said: i want to share inspiration in my every day life. that comes in all forms, and i’ll be sharing it in all types of ways. thanks for following along and welcome to the new luckyandi world! xo

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