A Refreshing Crown Polish

Hi! So I’ve had a couple of eventful and unexpected days lately that switched up my weekend plans, but overall-I can’t complain about my life lately! On Wednesday night, I ended up being stung by a bee on my face, which led to a trip to the ER where I found out I was “deathly allergic”…Great. Within minutes of getting stung, my face began to swell up majorly and just continued to get larger. I decided to post pics for your amusement—

15 minutes after being stung; right eye completely swollen shut.
24 hours later. Sooo swollen & puffy!

According to my LOVING family members & friends, my face supposedly looked like some and/or all of the following: sad puppy, Asian man, Shrek, sumo wrestler, panda bear, chipmunk...I think you get it. My forehead, cheeks, eyes, and nose were all swollen shut and “deformed” from Wednesday evening until sometime Friday. I decided against posting the picture right after the ER where my eyes are closed shut because it’s actually scary! Needless to say, after this little incident, I was feeling a bit low. Thursday was spent moping around the house looking and feeling uncomfortable, but Friday was definitely the opposite. I was rejuvenated and energized; mostly from shopping and spending time with my fellow queen Paige! The pics below summarize how my crown was “polished” this weekend after a miserable time from that stupid bee. I am so thankful for the encouraging and cheerful people in my life who made me feel better by hanging out with me, calling me, etc. after a pretty gross couple of days!

My present from Paige: the "Queen" Lolita wine glass. So cute!
What more do you need when you are feeling a little low? Cheesecake Factory with fellow Queens.
My $12 find at Marshalls. Adding it to my wall ASAP

In what ways have you felt refreshed and “polished” after feeling down for a couple days?

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