alt summit recap & lessons learned

hi everyone! i’m going to be really honest about where i’m at in life and what that means for how often i will actually be blogging. things are CRAZY. good crazy, but crazy. i have lots going on with work, i’m in the midst of wedding planning and moving into a new apartment in the near future, along with normal, everyday life things like spending time with friends and working out.

as i mentioned recently, i had the opportunity to speak at alt summit in salt lake city last week! it was an amazing conference filled with passionate and excited creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs. some of the highlights for me personally were speaking on the instagram panel with three uber-talented bloggers/photographers {with a packed room of attendees!}, having dinner with a fun group of ladies and tiny prints on wednesday, the fancy downton abbey party thursday night {plus admiring all of the amazing outfits}, the inspiring and actionable panel discussions and keynotes {seriously – so many awesome speakers} and just how kind and energetic everyone attending, sponsoring and participating was.

rather than share a full-on recap of the conference, i’ll let other amazing gals do the talking. below i’ve compiled some lessons from alt summit and a link to the different recap blog posts for more info. grab a cup of coffee and soak up the alt summit awesomeness in these posts this weekend! xo

we choose to be brave // an open letter to alt summit

make your own rules // new tricks i learned at alt summit

#hashtag strategy on instagram is key {one of the tips from my panel!} // alt summit recap

SEO and pin descriptions matter! {awesome pinterest tips from another panel i attended} // recap of alt summit 

take an immediate step in the right direction // how to continue momentum after a conference

ask yourself: are you saying yes out of FEAR or out of LOVE? // what this non-blogger got from a blogging conference

being nice matters {and other networking tips} // how to network like a rockstar at alt summit

choose to see good and be good and do good. // the things i brought home with me from alt summit

{photo via alt summit}

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3 thoughts on “alt summit recap & lessons learned

  1. So honored to be included in your round up! And THANK you for that great panel in Instagram. #sohelpful #workingonmyhashtaggame #yourearockstar