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I’ve always been a pretty reflective person, and writing has helped me process my life experiences. I’ve been doing it here on this blog for 10+ years! Most recently, I shared some March 2020 reflections highlighting my postpartum experience, the tornado here in Nashville, and the COVID-19 global pandemic. I wanted to share some reflections I wrote (originally in the Notes section of my iPhone) now in April, almost six full weeks into our ‘stay at home’ orders. I’ve been thinking about all the things I miss so deeply – some big things and some ordinary, small things. After writing them all out, I then felt compelled to also write out the GOOD parts of this quarantine life experience. Things about these days that I’ll always remember — ordinary, special moments that happened because we’ve been at home. After writing both my ‘May I never take for granted…” and “May I always remember” lists, I went through photos from the last year or so and picked some favorites that relate to things I miss, like travel, time with friends, and playing at the playground with Lucy. Then, I looked at photos from the last month or so — and I like them even more. We haven’t done a whole lot, but it’s still been special.

Anyway – thank you for reading! Also – I saved a bunch of COPING tips, advice, wisdom, etc. on Instagram HERE. Hope you’re hanging in there 💛

May I never take for granted…

May I never take for granted the gift of freedom and togetherness — being able to fly or drive to see my parents and grandparents and sisters (and vice versa) whenever I want.

May I never take for granted the gift of predictability — routine doctors visits or regular grocery runs, without worrying if I’m going to get sick, or if the items on my list are even in stock.

May I never take for granted the gift of services that make me look and feel good —getting my haircut, manicures, eyebrow waxes, massages, facials, trips to the chiropractor and acupuncture.

May I never take for granted the gift of stimulation for my child, and a change of scenery for me — playgrounds and the zoo and the art museum and library story-times.

May I never take for granted the gift of community — backyard hangs, brewery visits, morning play dates, weekend coffee meetups, and all the time spent with friends.

May I never take for granted the gift of food (that I didn’t make or takeout!) — brunch at our favorite place down the street, our neighborhood happy hour spot, fancy restaurants, dive bars, coffee shops, and just eating out.

May I never take for granted the gift of exploration and travel — planning trips, exploring new and familiar places, tedious long drives and long lines at the airport, even stressful travel days to get to my destination.

May I never take for granted the gift of alone time — babysitters and date nights out.

May I never take for granted the gift of socialization, learning, and structure for my child — Lucy’s days at school, her little friends, her wonderful teachers and the wonderful “break” for me.

May I never take for granted the gift of spontaneity — casual strolls around a cute neighborhood, just wandering and popping into local shops and grabbing an iced coffee.

May I never take for granted the gift of safety — walking past strangers without worrying if they are too close, or if they are infected.

May I never take for granted the gift of health — a body that moves, strong lungs, and a resilient immune system. Both my own, and my husband’s and children’s.

These times are tough, and today I’m reminded of all the things I miss, and what I never want to take for granted again. Daily, regular life was pretty wonderful, wasn’t it?

May I always remember…

May I always remember these days. The days we stayed home for the collective good and health of the world. The days we put others above ourselves. The slow days that blurred into one another. The days and weeks and months that have been challenging and messy and hard, and beautiful and special and sweet all at the same time.

May I always remember this time with baby Winnie — swaddling and rocking and wearing and cooing and snuggling. Her expressive eyes and gummy smile. This time with Lucy — painting and running around and bunny tea parties and puzzles and reading the same books over and over. Her high-pitched squeals of joy. This time has showed me how quickly my girls grow and transform, right before my eyes.

May I always remember the frustrations and struggles — middle of the night nursing sessions and growth spurts and potty training and toddler temper tantrums. Things that would happen regardless of a global pandemic, but feel even tougher during. My anxiety and worry and fear and boredom. May I remember the hope snd resilience in those moments too.

May I always remember the days we traded cute outfits for pajamas all day, eating out at our favorite restaurants for takeout and trying new recipes, always doing and going for just being.

May I always remember the way this strange time brought me closer to friends and family — I’ve talked to my best friends and family more than ever, through texting and video chats and Zoom calls. Even my grandparents, who have never had a computer, are now video chatting with us. How special that this forced time apart has brought more connection.

May I always remember our socially distanced walks, small house projects, family movie nights, greenhouse and backyard hangs, virtual games nights. Our longest stretch of staying in one place since getting married. A reminder that we are “safe at home”, not stuck at home.

May I remember this time, as unsettling and overwhelming as it may be. How staying home and slowing down has saved lives, cleaned up the environment, and shifted my perspective on what really, truly matters.

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2 thoughts on “april reflections

  1. Really love these thoughts and reflections. Really love you! I don’t really know how God can work the hard and difficult and loss-heavy times of our lives for our good and for His glory. He keeps doing it! Your words remind me of this and also of the idea that what we think is good often doesn’t even compare to what God knows is the better. Xoxo. Proud to be your mom! Always.