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Hi! I’m so excited to share with you our refreshed living room! Well, a corner of it anyway. This room has never felt quite right to me and I’ve been on a mission to tweak this space so it functions a little better (hi, strategic storage and more floor space to play!) and looks a little better. We had a different sofa in here for about two years and while there was nothing wrong with it, the gray color made the room feel darker than it already is (with lots of wood trim!) and the ottoman took up too much space, so we could only really have the couch/ottoman combo in one spot. I’m partnering with Article to share how a new sofa looks in our living room — and wow, I’m truly just obsessed. I  picked out this curved boucle sofa and was immediately drawn to its soft shape, especially in juxtaposition to the sharp corners we have in our old Craftsman home. This is our fourth Article sofa, so I wasn’t at all worried about the quality or the shipping situation. Because of COVID, the delivery team wasn’t able to bring the box inside / unpack it (like they were able to do for our other couches in years past) but it was still fairly seamless and left on our porch. I’m sure a lot of you are like… WHY DO YOU HAVE AN IVORY COUCH WITH TWO CHILDREN?! I  don’t know. I  don’t know! We have kept this couch as a snack and shoe-free zone and I bought Scotchguard too; but haven’t used it yet. Outside of the curved shape that I’m obsessed with, I  love the texture of the bouclé — it feels like the couch has depth and visual interest vs. a traditional fabric sofa. The sofa is also a lot larger than I  expected. It sort of looks like a chaise, but really is much larger!

We originally had this terracotta rug in our living room and I love it, but recently swapped in this charcoal blue-ish rug and love in this space SO MUCH MORE. Especially with this three-arm black light we installed. I found these cute concrete pedestal tables and love them next to the sofa. I  love that they don’t take up a lot of room, and can be easily moved to different areas depending on when someone needs a spot to hold their drink. I  decided to not have a coffee table in here, because I  want the sofa to shine all by itself — and so we have more room for impromptu dance parties in this room! In terms of other decor, I kept Eric’s surfboard mounted on the wall and have the “Indigo Sea” Art Print and “Twilight Shimmer” Art Print too, although I’d like to move those two prints slightly higher eventually. I  love that the surfboard gives a nod to our life in San Francisco. My vibe these days is sort of “casual and modern California bohemian” which is, of course, just a big mix of a lot of styles. I’ve always described my style as “evolving” — because it shifts and changes depending on what and when inspiration strikes.

What do you think of the updates? Would you ever get a curvy sofa?!



Curved Bouclé Sofa *gifted

Concrete Pedestal Table Set of 2 (and another slightly pricier similar set)

Black Three Arm Ceiling Lamp (and another similar version)

Blueish Rug (Loloi II Wynter WYN-07 Grey / Charcoal) *gifted

Terracotta Rug (Loloi Loren LQ-15 Terracotta Sky) *gifted

Surfboard (our own)

Basket with Lid

Bamboo Surfboard Wall Mount

“Indigo Sea” Art Print

“Twilight Shimmer” Art Print


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