Fall Patio Refresh

Hi friends! Today, I’m excited to share how we recently refreshed our back patio in partnership with Article. But first, let me back up.

We bought our home a little over three years ago in October 2019. When we moved in, the back door led to a concrete step down to a concrete pathway in the backyard. You can see a ‘before’ photo here. It was definitely not kid-friendly and it didn’t look very pretty! In April 2020, we added on a deck and it’s been TRULY one of the areas of our home we use the most. The girls spend a ton of time playing out here, and we love sitting out here and admiring the pretty view of our greenhouse. This summer (2021) we finally got a huge umbrella which has been awesome, especially for those really hot and humid days of summer. Up until recently, we had two chairs and a small table out here, which was mostly fine, but wasn’t always great for hanging out with more adults or to truly LOUNGE out here.

Article sent us some outdoor furniture to highlight and share about and I am truly so obsessed. I  love the SORA Beach Sand sofa + SORA Beach Sand lounge chair combination. The cushions are comfy and weather-resistant (yay!) and I love the curved shape and design. You can’t see from the photos, but the couch has a curved back too! We added two small side tables – the white rounded Hendry side table and this charcoal stool. Both are super versatile and would look good inside or outside! Jack has claimed this fluffy gray ottoman as his own, although both Lucy and Winnie seem to love climbing and plopping on it too. 🥰  Lastly, we snagged two terrazzo planters – one large and one small. We’ll eventually have to move the plants inside our house or the greenhouse when the temps drop, but the planters are so pretty and would look good indoors or out.

The rug has seen better days — we’ve had it since we added the patio — but works for now! I styled the patio with pillows from my own shop as well as Tonic Living. We’re lucky that winters are pretty mild here in Nashville, and we spend time outside well into the fall/winter! Yesterday was one of those perfect fall days — sunny and crisp and gorgeous outside — and we just soaked up this serene and cozy spot on our back patio.


Sora Beach Sand Sofa


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