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hi friends! today, i’m going to be sharing about the three sofas we have in our home. I’ve shared tons of photos of our house on Instagram, and also highlight each room in this post, but today I’m going to dive in and give you all the details the three couches we have. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about them so I’m excited to give you the lowdown on what I think of all of them, plus tons of photos. All three couches are from Article, an online modern furniture brand. I first learned about Article a few years ago when we were living in San Francisco and when we finally moved into our house in Nashville and had more space – I knew I wanted to give them a try! Honestly, I only have good things to say about the Article pieces we have and my overall experience with the company. We’ve spent a ton of time on the sofas – reading books to Lucy, snuggling Winnie, watching the neighbor’s cat with Jack, taking naps – and I really do feel like they are high-quality and designed to last, especially for the accessible price.

A quick overview of the Article pieces we have! The first purchase I made was the Ceni Volcanic Gray Sofa and Ottoman for our front living room. The next couch we ordered was the Timber Charme Tan sofa, which we have in our family room. This is definitely the couch I get the most questions about! Most recently, we ordered the Nirvana Sofa in Dakota Tan for our newly renovated upstairs family room. What I love is that each piece is a gorgeous, functional, and modern staple in each of the three rooms, but each sofa has their own unique vibe and style for the three areas of our home. While I have an overall ‘vibe’ for our home, we use each room a little differently and it’s important that the sofa we have in each space functions for that space! It’s nice that the sofas have a modern, cohesive feel, while adding their own unique flair to the different rooms they are in. A lot of people have asked me questions about the quality of the furniture, the kid/dog-friendliness of the pieces, and the delivery experience with Article, so I hope you find this post helpful!

Nirvana Sofa in Dakota Tan

In our new upstairs family room area, we have the Nirvana Dakota Sofa. On the Article website, the sofa is described as “your dad’s incredible vintage bomber jacket in couch form” and it really is true. The sofa has a casual, lived-in feel and I think it works well in this laid-back space! The seats and back cushions are plush and loose and not as structured as other sofas. I don’t think this sofa would look *as good* in a more formal family/living room, but for a casual family room, den, or rec room – it’s perfect! This is the shortest of the three Article sofa we have (just by a tiny bit, at 81″ wide) but is definitely long enough to sprawl out on. I asked my father-in-law Ken his opinions on the three sofas (so you would get another perspective – from someone who is 6’4 and several years older than me) and he liked the feel of the brushed leather on this one the best. The leather on this sofa is mottled, meaning it has some spots/imperfections and has a lot of color “movement”, which create that cool and laid-back vibe. The cushions are soft and sinkable. If you like a soft, squishy seat — the Nirvana is for you. One thing to add about leather sofas is that I think they are much easier to clean than fabric sofas! With a dog and two kids, easy-to-clean is crucial for us! In my opinion, leather is easy to clean, and the small imperfections add to the charm and character of the sofa.

Dimensions: 32″H x 81″W x 34″D
Price: $1799 USD
Shop the Nirvana Dakota Sofa

Timber Charme Tan Sofa

The Timber Charme sofa was the second Article piece we ordered, and my absolute favorite! We have this sofa in our family room, right off of our kitchen. This is the room we spend the most time in, and we use this sofa the most out of all three. I rave about this sofa and truly just love it. I just recommended it to one of my design clients and can’t wait to see it in her home, too! Anyway, this couch is (obviously) leather and has a mid-century modern vibe.It’s truly a perfect family sofa – it’s gorgeous and also COMFORTABLE. The cushions are super soft and this couch is the longest of the three couches we own at 90″ wide (compared to 81″ wide for the Nirvana and 83″ wide for the Ceni Volcanic). I’ve taken many, many naps on this sofa and my dad slept on it for several nights when he visited earlier this year. The Timber Charme also has a slightly higher seat height; to quote my father-in-law it has “much better back support” and is “much easier to get up from.” Cost wise, both leather couches from Article are priced the same and less expensive than similar sofas on the market.

Dimensions: 32″H x 90″W x 35″D
Price: $1799
Shop the Timber Charme Sofa

Ceni Volcanic Gray Sofa

This was the first piece of furniture we ordered from Article and we’ve had the Ceni Volcanic couch and ottoman for over a year now. We had a tricky space to work with in that the wall isn’t that long, so we had to find a sofa that was a little shorter than most. This one fit the bill perfectly! The style is mid-century modern and the fabric is a dark heathered gray color. The seat height of the Ceni sofa is a little lower than the other two at 16″ but it’s still fairly comfortable to sit in. I personally don’t think it’s AS “nappable” as the Timber Charme leather sofa, but we’ve definitely had lots of family and friends sleep on it when they visit! In terms of kid/dog friendliness, it’s been easy to clean so far, although I do think leather is easier to clean.

By far my favorite thing about this sofa is that we ordered the accompanying Ceni Volcanic ottoman ($389) to go with it. The ottoman is a game changer because it allows you to sit on the couch with your feet sprawled out comfortably in front of you! Other couches from Article have ottomans available too, but this was the only spot we could fit one in. We knew we wanted the ottoman in this room so Jack could look out the window. As you can see from the photos, this really is *his spot*. The Ceni Volcanic is also the most affordable couch of the three we have, even when you add on the extra cost of the ottoman. My father-in-law describes this as “one of the best seats in the house because you can sit with your legs up, slouch a little and enjoy reading, a cup of coffee a view outside and a visit from Jack.” I couldn’t agree more!

Dimensions: 31″H x 83″W x 35″D
Cost: $999
Shop the Ceni Volcanic Gray Sofa
Shop the Ceni Volcanic Gray Ottoman


Obviously, furniture isn’t an inexpensive purchase and shopping online can be tricky because for something like a couch – you want to SIT in it to feel it! I found it was helpful to read the customer reviews on each product page to get a sense of what people thought about each sofa, and then look at the customer photos (and the Article Instagram feed) to get a better idea of how the different sofas look in different spaces. Product photos are fine, but seeing the couches “in real life” is a lot more helpful in my opinion! In terms of ordering, I found the experience to be super straightforward and easy. For orders over $999 (which has been all three of my orders), shipping is FREE. For orders under $999, shipping is a flat $49 fee. This is for their ‘basic’ shipping option. When I ordered the Timber Charme sofa and then again when I ordered the Nirvana sofa, we upgraded the delivery to have Article’s delivery partners bring it from the truck into the room we wanted it in, and then unbox it and set it up. Game changer! This was especially helpful for the Nirvana sofa upstairs. I was SO impressed with the delivery crew…they had to deal with our very narrow staircase and a super sharp corner and *thankfully* were able to squeeze the sofa into the space! Whew. One thing to note about Article delivery is that the delivery crew will NOT take the boxes with them (in case you want to return the furniture). This wasn’t a big deal for us at all, but just something to keep in mind.

Alright – that’s it! If you have any questions for me about my three Article sofas or overall experience, let me know!

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11 thoughts on “article sofa review

  1. Thanks for sharing. Can you share a bot more detail about decor? Specifically, I really love the throw Jack is sitting on, geometric pillow, light and poofs.

    1. Thank you so much! This blog post should have links to everything but let me know if there’s something I missed!

      1. Hi Andi, that’s so much for organizing and detailing everything so well. I absolutely adore your style. The only item I can’t find is blanket Jack is sitting on-maybe ai am blind🤷‍♀️. Can you help me track it down:)

        Thank you!

  2. Hi! I actually just bought the Nirvana couch (a bit nervous as it was a hard toss-up with the Charme so hoping I made the right choice.) I saw your insta from Article in their pictures of the couch and love your rug, can I ask what size you got and if its a good durable kid and pet-friendly rug?

    Thanks so much!

    1. One couch we’ve had for two years, one for about a year and a half, and one for just about one year. Sitting on the CENI as I type this! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks for the helpful review! Have you had any difficulty cleaning the timber couch? We have a baby and two cats…and let’s be honest I spill coffee more often than I care to admit…so I’m a bit worried about the durability of the charme leather. Thank you!

    1. Oh we’ve spilled coffee and wine and juice and crackers and all the snacks on it! I personally find it fairly easy to clean and I love leather because it just has a lived in feel. We also have pen marks and other stains that I didn’t even try to get out – but overall, when something spills, it’s easy to clean quickly and it’s held up well for us!

  4. This company is terrible, I purchased a sven daybed and needed to get a new pillow for it. They absolutely refused, I offered to pay out of pocket but they didn’t care. I escalated up through the ranks and they just refused. Stay away from this company!