At Home: Pop of Color with Wayfair

Dark Green Moroccan Pouf // Andi Teggart

our current apartment is a work in progress. there are so many things i LOVE about it on its own: the bay windows in each room beaming light in every morning, the wood floors, the two walk-in closets, the kitchen. and there’s things i love that we’ve recently purchased or put together in this new apartment stage of life: first and foremost, a table, because we love having people over for dinner, drinks, anything. i also love our bright pink rug runner {also to be used at our wedding}, the moroccan pillows in the bedroom, our new chaise and couch, the picture frames on the wall, our color-coded bookshelves.

the apartment still has a little bit of an empty vibe and over time, we’ll be getting more things to build it out – a coffee table, rugs for each room, throw pillows for the couch, bedside tables, end tables, lamps, wall art, curtains. even though there are a lot of things missing, it’s still our home, which means i love it. when wayfair asked how would i incorporate a “pop of color” into our space, I couldn’t pass it up.


wayfair’s site is home decor inspiration overload – they literally have EVERYTHING. and since there are so many things our apartment is lacking, it made my colorful decision even harder to solidify. but i ended up picking out that epic Dark green ikram Moroccan leather pouf up in the picture! it’s the same pouf in natural/beige was actually on our wedding registry, but i decided to swap things out and try out the dark green. i’m so happy i did! the pouf goes really well with the several plants we have in our living room and contrasts our simple gray couch perfectly. we’ve used the pouf as a chair before, a footrest and even a cheese plate holder – yes, that’s a real thing.

check out more wayfair goodness here.

*please note, in return for this post, i was compensated a wayfair gift card to purchase an item of my choice.

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2 thoughts on “At Home: Pop of Color with Wayfair

  1. LOVE this! That green just works so well with everything you have going on in your space. I’m a big fan of how colorful your space is – I’m trying hard to be less scared to use color!!