Review: AG1 from Athletic Greens

Early January, I  asked my IG community their thoughts on Athletic Greens. Like most people on the Internet, I’d seen the ads and many content creators sharing about it. I  was curious to hear real feedback and before I  had a chance to order, my friend dropped of a bag of AG1 for me to try! Here we are, almost three months later, and I wanted to share my honest thoughts + feedback after drinking AG1 daily.

Note: this blog post is NOT sponsored, but I  do get a small affiliate commission if you happen to order via my link.

So…what is Athletic Greens / AG1?

Athletic Greens is the brand and AG1 is their signature product. AG1 is a daily nutritional drink made with 75 high-quality, whole-food sourced ingredients. The drink is an all-in-one replacing your multivitamin, probiotic, prebiotic, etc. Health benefits include immunity support, improved gut health + digestion, sustained energy, exercise recovery, and more.

How To Use

It’s simple! Just mix a scoop of AG1 into your cold water and shake or stir it up! I definitely prefer to SHAKE it vs. stir it – it tastes better to me that way! You can also add it to a smoothie, but I haven’t tried that yet. Speaking of taste…

How does it REALLY taste?

When I  first asked for AG1 feedback prior to trying it, SO many people told me it tasted terrible. In my experience, the taste is tolerable. It absolutely has gotten easier over time. The first few days/week it was definitely not BAD tasting but not great tasting. “Chuggable” is the word that comes to mind. 🤣 After a week or so, the taste part didn’t both me. It’s certainly not a refreshing glass of rosé or sparkling water. It doesn’t give me that immediate “ohhh I loved that sip” feeling that tea or coffee does. I  think if you remind yourself that this isn’t going to be the most delicious thing you’ve ever sipped that’s a good expectation to have. For me, it’s quick and easy enough to drink at this point and I  appreciate the health benefits!

Price Point

If you buy a 30 day supply of AG1 one off, it’s $99. If you sign up to subscribe (you can cancel or pause anytime), you get $20 off so it’s $79/month. You’ll get the Starter Kit which also includes the canister to put the powder in (keep it in your fridge!) as well as the shaker bottle. I totally acknowledge that that price is not accessible for all. For me personally, I  have been happy with the results and candidly the price ends up being around/less than what it costs to take a ton of other supplements I  was previously taking. That being said, here are two more affordable options that my IG community recommended: Organifi Green Juice ($60 for 30 servings) and Country Farms Super Greens ($18 for 20 servings).

Overall Thoughts + Feedback

Overall, I  like the way it makes me feel (along with my highly prioritized sleep, daily(ish) exercise and healthy(ish) eating). I  really like that it’s an EASY health habit and way for me to get nutrients and vitamins in. It’s become a part of my usual morning routine – wake up, drink AG1 with or before breakfast and coffee. And, I  love the extra immune support. My kids and husband have been sick a couple times since I started taking AG1 daily and I haven’t been sick the entire time. This is just my personal experience, although a few other people messaged me on IG sharing that they think AG1 has prevented them from getting sick too! Obviously, these are just anecdotal examples but — I’ll take it!

Previously, I was taking SO many supplements (like 10-15 different ones daily) and for me, AG1 is easier because 1) I  don’t have to keep track of which vitamins I’m running low on and 2) don’t have to think about it as much (ie which ones to take in morning vs. evening or with/without food). Taking AG1 each morning feels like I’m able to take that (small, but impactful) mental load off of me.

I also really like the convenience of the AG1 travel packs! We travel pretty regularly, and these are way easier to pack along and still get my AG1 in when I’m not at home.

If you want to try AG1, you can use my link here. You’ll also receive a one year supply of Vitamin D3 + K2 and 5 FREE travel packs PLUS save $20 when if you choose to subscribe!

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