Surprise! Baby 3 On The Way!

Surprise! ✨ this year is going to be even more eventful than expected… baby 3 is on the way! 🤍


  • How far along are you? As of early May, I’m currently 20 weeks pregnant and due in September!
  • The number one question I received was: was the baby planned? How did you decide to take the plunge from two kids to three? Many of you shared super thoughtful messages and comments after last year’s post asking how you decided whether to have a third kid. I don’t have a buttoned-up answer to this question, because this baby was…unplanned and quite the surprise! And I know that this answer and experience aren’t all that helpful to those who have been really trying to navigate the decision of whether or not to expand their family. And even more so, I know it’s really unfair to read for many who are struggling to start or grow their families or who have suffered a loss. While I kind of thought ‘we were done’ and was at peace with that, we never came to a set, concrete decision. There’s been a lot of processing and layers to finding out I was unexpectedly pregnant that I’ll maybe share about in a different post. Here’s what I will say: I’ve never resonated with the ‘this baby makes our family complete’ thing. Our family was complete when it was the four of us. This baby doesn’t complete us – we already were complete, but we’re all really excited for our crew to grow!
  • How are you feeling? Overall, I’m doing okay! March (when I was 10-14/15 weeks pregnant) was rough emotionally and mentally. There were so many changes happening in our lives, all at one time, and it was just a heavy couple of weeks. Early on, I was nauseous, tired, and had that icky, hungover feeling most days. Thankfully, now that I’m further into my second trimester, I’m feeling overall good – just tired. By the end of the day, I’m VERY ready for bed.
  • Was the renovation planned for the baby? And/or how have the renovation plans been changed for the baby? The renovation was NOT planned around or for the baby – we didn’t know about the baby when we started making renovation plans last summer or even when interviewing contractors in January. No major renovation plans have been altered since finding out I’m pregnant either. There will definitely be some decor tweaks and updates, but the overall project is staying the same. The current plan is that one of the new upstairs bedrooms will be for Lucy and Winnie (which was the plan pre-baby, anyway), and the other new bedroom will be a hybrid baby room/playroom.
  • Do you know the baby’s sex? The baby is a GIRL! 💖 Sissy crew! While we just wanted a healthy baby, I’m thrilled to have another girl and don’t have any ‘gender disappointment.’ We’re all excited to have a girl! As the oldest of four girls, I LOVE our sister bond and connection and am excited for that to expand for Lucy and Winnie (who are already *usually* obsessed with each other).

Photos via Alexandra Madar / Big Sis Tshirts via Etsy

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