Bathroom Decor Updates

This post is sponsored by The Home Depot. All thoughts and opinions are, of course, my own.

As new homeowners, we have made many, many, MANY trips to our local Home Depot in the last ten months. Basically, it seems like we are there every weekend! 😅I recently discovered that The Home Depot has a huge selection of home decor products – wall art, faux plants, textiles, candles and diffusers, stylish hardware, and more. I’m excited to share more photos from our home (#aenashnest) with you – our two bathrooms that I recently refreshed with decor and hardware updates from The Home Depot!  🛀🏻One bathroom (with the clawfoot tub) is in our hallway, and the other one (with the shower) is off of our master bedroom. Both bathrooms come with a unique set of challenges. The hallway bathroom has no windows, has a funky layout, and no storage options (like cabinets or under-sink drawers). The master bathroom is pretty compact with minimal storage options and no wall space to hang shelves or hooks. Neither room is in bad enough shape to do a full gut job, so we opted to make small but mighty updates to both bathrooms to make them work better for us. I’m pretty proud of how I was able to creatively and strategically maximize storage – making both rooms functional and pretty, if I do say so myself! Read along to hear about the easy, stylish updates we made to both of our bathrooms with products from The Home Depot. 🛁


If you’ve seen photos of our home, you probably know how big of a basket fan I am! I am all about functional, beautiful storage options and we have baskets everywhere in our house. I was candidly so shocked at how good The Home Depot basket selection was! I put this large basket with handles in our hall bathroom to hold guest towels. It fits perfectly on the floor next to the sink! I have another handled seagrass basket in the same bathroom next to the tub, and I put Lucy’s bath toys and her bath products in it. I took one of each of these water hyacinth nesting baskets and put them on a shelf in each bathroom – they are large enough to store the not-so-cute stuff like vitamins and medicine. On both shelves in the hallway bath, I used these rectangle water hyacinth bowls to hold shampoo, bath bombs and face masks. The set comes with four baskets of different sizes – so the ones that didn’t fit in the bathroom I used in our laundry area. I opted to use this narrow seagrass basket to hold toilet paper in our master bathroom – it fits perfectly in between the toilet and the wall. It’s actually considered a magazine holder, but I think it’s purpose here works really well too! 🚽Lastly, I used this large jute basket with tassels as our laundry basket in our master bathroom. It’s so cute and HUGE!


One of the first updates I made was swapping an old, thin bath mat in our hallway bath for this luxuriously soft one. It’s so comfy that Jack will often cuddle into a little ball on the new bath mat while Lucy takes a bath. 🥰We also swapped out our old towels for a very nice upgrade – super soft Egyptian cotton towels a part of Home Depot’s Home Decorator Collection. These are definitely a game changer from the $15 towels we were using earlier – ha! I ordered the Interlock pattern in a “Seal” (dark gray) color – here’s the bath towels, hand towels and wash cloths. I also ordered a Chevron pattern in white – here’s the bath towels, hand towels, and wash cloths. I also ordered a cozy and soft bathrobe for our hallway bathroom – so guests (I’m looking at my bath queen sister, Kerry!) can feel like they are right at home when they visit. 🛀🏻


Guys – I was BLOWN AWAY at Home Depot’s wall art selections! Who knew?! They have some really stunning pieces and I love the two I picked out for our bathrooms. In our hallway bath, I ordered this gorgeous surf print. I have been looking for a large print to go above the bathtub for a really long time, but was struggling to find something that worked with the green interior glass window we have in the bathroom. We also have a California surf vibe going on in our living room, so I love that this print ties into other elements in our home. In our master bath, I hung this black and white poppies print. It also reminds me of our time in California! I love that it’s bold enough to make a statement, but neutral enough to not be “too loud” or obnoxious in the small bathroom.



This is the fun stuff! Accent pieces are the easiest, quickest and usually most affordable way to freshen up a dull space in your home and Home Depot’s Home Decorator Collection has a ton of great pieces. We are total plant people and have 50+ plants in our house and greenhouse. Sadly, our hall bathroom doesn’t have any windows so no natural light means faux plants! 🌿I have two rectangle faux plants in the hall bath – this succulent that is sitting on the wall shelf and this faux cactus that sits on top of the toilet. I’m a firm believer that greenery brings life to a space, so if you can’t take care of plants (or have a room with no windows, like this one!) – faux plants are your friend. I also placed these smaller faux agave planters throughout both bathrooms. Other than faux plants, I placed this big gorgeous wax candle on our master bath toilet – it looks so much nicer than the glass jar candles! In the hall bath, I have this pretty diffuser (YES, The Home Depot sells DIFFUSERS!) on the sink — I love diffusing lavender during bathtime and citrus-y oils during the day! ✨I originally planned to put this white blanket ladder in our hall bath, but it didn’t fit, so moved it into our master bath! It fits perfectly behind the door and is the perfect storage solution for towels. Lastly, I hung this stunning gold leaf mirror on the back of our master bath door – it’s *almost* too pretty to be in the bathroom!


While I managed most of the home decor updates in the bathrooms, I did get Eric’s help on the hardware updates! We were both surprised at how easy to install everything was and how fresh both rooms looked with the hardware updates. On the back of the hallway bath door, Eric installed these Liberty satin nickel wall hooks for hanging towels and bathrobes. I love the modern touch they add to our old house, and the hardware matches our sink faucet and toilet paper holder. The layout of both of our bathrooms is quite odd and narrow, so we have a cabinet nearby where we keep extra towels and other bathroom essentials. We swapped the hardware on the cabinet for these modern Liberty flat black bar cabinet knobs and I loooove the way they look! In the hall bath, we hung this shelf that holds a faux plant and the baskets I mentioned earlier. The last hardware update we made to our bathrooms was swapping our not-so-great doorknob for this pretty Schlage Custom satin nickel doorknob. The Home Depot also has a Schlage Custom program that makes it easy to find and select the perfect doorknob for your space and needs.

I’ve had friends come over and compliment the wall art, baskets and diffuser already – and were so pleasantly surprised that everything was from The Home Depot. If you’re looking to spruce up your bathroom with easy, stylish updates – I highly, highly recommend taking a peek at The Home Depot’s offerings. I am so thrilled with how both of our bathrooms turned out! Thanks for reading!

All photos snapped by my friend Laura Moll


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