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This post is sponsored by Wayfair, a brand I’ve been shopping from and working with for many years. Thanks for reading!

Last November, we began our upstairs renovation project where we turned our upstairs into a more open concept bedroom/living space and adding a bathroom to our second floor. This post shares a look at the bathroom right after it was finished in February, and some “before” photos too. Today, I wanted to share a quick look at what our bathroom looks like now about six months later, with some new decor additions I  recently ordered from Wayfair. Also, a lot of my top pins on Pinterest (like this!) are of the sloped upstairs bathroom so figured I’d share some more photos and details about this space.

One of the easiest ways to refresh a space is with textiles! In the bathroom, I  recently swapped our thick fluffy towels for these minimal, striped Turkish towels from Wayfair. I  ordered two sets of this white striped hand towel set (come in a 2 pack) and then two larger striped Turkish towels. This style of towel reminds me of my hammam experience in Morocco. This style of towel is often called ‘hammam towels’; they are a lightweight, cotton, flat weave cloth that are absorbent and quick to dry. Perfect towel! I  love that these towels are a little thinner (perfect for summer) and are so versatile. The large Turkish towels can be used in the bathroom, like I’m currently doing, but also as a beach or picnic blanket. I also swapped out our plain gray bath rug for this one! It also comes in a two pack, so I  used the smaller one up here and will use the larger one in our downstairs bathroom.

I think that our upstairs bathroom bathroom is so popular on Pinterest because there isn’t a ton of photos out there about upstairs bathrooms with sloped ceilings. Our upstairs bathroom SMALL — just about 8’4 x 5′ and we ran into quite a few challenges when it came to the sloped ceilings, old plumbing, etc. All of that is shared in this post! Another thing that we literally COULD NOT FIND ONLINE was how to hang a shower curtain on a sloped ceiling. Eric ended up cutting a dowel to match the slope of the wall and used a regular shower curtain tension rod to hang. We then painted the dowel to match the wall color so it seamlessly blends into the wall.


Bath Accents:
this white striped hand towel set
Striped Turkish Towels (black, set of 2)
Bath Mat
Shower Curtain

Bathtub (Kohler)
Shower Head (Delta)
Bathtub Faucet (Delta)
Shower Tile

Marble Sink
Sink Faucet (Delta)
Vanity Hardware

Gold Mirror
Wall Sconces (Poly & Bark)
Matte Black Hardware Set (TP holder, towel bar, towel hooks, etc.)


Upstairs Bathroom Reveal

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3 thoughts on “sloped wall bathroom refresh

  1. Would you give more information about how attached the dowel rod to the wall and the curtain rod to the dowel?
    I have the same situation.
    Thank you.

  2. Is the ceiling Sheetrock? If so how has it done with the shower? We’re about to finish an upstairs bath and have a sloped ceiling too that currently Sheetrock.