Be anything but normal.

*Happy Wednesday! You guys are in for a lucky treat because today’s Words for Wednesday post is shared by a fabulous and inspirational guest blogger. This morning, please welcome Kellie. Maybe you remember her from this post; but today she’ll be sharing her own fantastic post with you. Yay! Thanks Kellie – I miss you! xo

Hi queens! I’m Kellie, an aspiring public relations professional who enjoys coffee, laughter and running. I am honored to be guest posting on Polish My Crown, and I hope to encourage all of you with my words the way Andi continually inspires me to live an extraordinary life, to treat each day as a chance to grow and to, of course, be a queen. Enjoy!

I love quotes. In fact, I often spend ample time searching for quotes that inspire me to live in a positive way. However, the other day, I stumbled upon a quote that not only inspired me, but also defined me: “Be fearful of mediocrity.” I did not realize how fully this phrase represented me until I took time to reflect upon its meaning.  It was only after digesting this quote that I understood how aptly it described my mindset and how strongly that mindset influenced all of my actions. My deepest fear is being normal; my deepest fear is looking back on my life and realizing I have done nothing remarkable. I am terrified of a standard life. As a result, I move in my own “non-normal” way to avoid the trap of mediocrity. I take chances. I push boundaries. I do things that make me feel uncomfortable. I imagine the extraordinary life I want to lead, and then I work to make those imaginations a reality. I do anything I can to avoid mediocrity.

I challenge everyone to adopt this fear. I challenge everyone to run from any hint of normalcy and to shun the act of settling for merely “good enough.” You are great. Anybody can lead a normal life, but you are not anybody – You are somebody. You are somebody that deserves more than “good enough.” You deserve exceptional.

You have special skills, traits, ideas, and observations to offer to the world, and the world has exceptional opportunities to offer to you. And you must seize those opportunities without apprehension.

Find out what sets your soul on fire, what truly impassions you, and then chase it. You will be in awe of what you can accomplish when you have intensity and desire on your side. The appetite for adventure and success is one that grows as it is fed. So start today, and then watch as the fire within you becomes larger and more powerful. You will be truly amazed at all you can do when you start believing you can do it all.

Also, do not be afraid of a challenge. Rather, be afraid of what will happen if you fail to take that challenge. Be afraid of the chances you will miss and the opportunities you will surrender when you let the fear of being wrong get in your way.

Remember that failure is inevitable and that you should not be afraid of it. Trust me, you will fail.  You will fail and you will struggle. You will lose hope and feel as if you have been defeated – but you will not be. You will only be defeated once you stop trying. You will only be defeated once you abandon courage and adopt complacency. You will not be defeated if you rise from failure with an undeterred ambition. I have failed many times. However, I have not let those failures slow my stride. I call my failures “experience,” and I use my experience to learn, to grow and, finally, to succeed. Failure is a necessary step on the path to achievement.

Even the most insurmountable tasks can be conquered with persistence.

Finally, remember to try something new and to never stop reaching out for newer and deeper experiences. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

Start your unique journey today. It is never too late to begin your march away from mediocrity and toward extraordinary. Make your own path, and uncover opportunities in places where others only see roadblocks and dilemmas.

You have the power to be anything you want to be.

Be exceptional.
Be crazy.
Be intelligent.
Be strong.
Be outrageous.
Be beautiful.
Be bold.

Be anything but normal.

A little bit more about me: I’m Kellie, a journalism student at Ohio University who has a big imagination and even bigger dreams for the future.  I am currently interning with Intern Queen Inc. and am preparing to start my junior year of college. I am a total optimist and a huge perfectionist. I love my family, and I appreciate my friends. I enjoy good conversation and a nice dose of sarcasm. I talk a lot, and I smile often. Running, coffee, fashion and music are my medicines. I have a passion to be anything other than normal, a desire to change the world and a belief that you will too.

To stay up-to-date with my “non-normal” journey, follow my Twitter (@Kellie_Snyder) and read my blog at

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