Beauty Routines – A Giveaway!

Do you have a daily beauty routine? My current morning routine includes using a mild face cleanser and oil-free SPF 30 moisturizer before I put on my makeup. At night before bed, I use oil-free makeup removers, face wash and another round of moisturizer. It’s pretty obvious when I don’t follow this routine – when I don’t use moisturizer, face cleanser AND makeup remover, my face gets blotchy and irritated.

The CLEAN & CLEAR® team sent me some new and “classic” products to test out {see below}. My favorite is their Morning Burst line of products – my skin instantly felt refreshed and awake after using. Unfortunately, acne isn’t something that only hits teenagers. Adults can get irritated and blotchy skin too – and stress is a major factor in that. Stress causes your hormones to fluctuate and in turn, produce more oil which can lead to acne. At the same time, stress can lead to poor eating and sleeping habits which also can make acne worse. UGH! Here’s a great article sharing ways to take care of yourself – especially when you’re stressed and busy.

I also love the brand’s vision and mission – check this out:

CLEAN & CLEAR® believes there is beauty in confidence. Our vision is to inspire that confidence in every young woman so she can discover & enjoy life’s possibilities. We believe that beauty comes from being confident, comfortable and secure in your own skin.

Beauty in confidence – sounds like the queen mindset that I’m all about. Here’s the extra fun part! One lucky Polish My Crown reader will have the opportunity to try out a few of the CLEAN & CLEAR® products to amplify their beauty routine. Here’s what you can win:
All you have to do is visit the CLEAN & CLEAR® Facebook page and “Like” the page and leave a comment on this blog post sharing what your current beauty routine is. This giveaway closes on Thursday, August 16thIt’s that simple!
Good luck! xx


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6 thoughts on “Beauty Routines – A Giveaway!

  1. Every morning I wash my face with Clean and Clear Morning Burst and then use St. Ives Mineral lotion as my moisturizer. I’m the same- you can tell when/or if I don’t wash my face in the morning because my skin gets very oily. Before bed, I wash my face in the shower with a St. Ives scrub hoping to remove dirt from my pores.

    1. Thanks to all who responded! Danielle, you were the randomly selected winner and will win the CLEAN & CLEAR products! 🙂 Please email me ( your address and I’ll go ahead and send. Thanks again!

  2. Every morning, I wash my face with Clean and Clear morning burst. I follow it up with Neutrogena Healthy Skin Daily Moisturizer. At night, I wash my face with a basic cleanser using my Clarisonic Mia. At least once a week, I use a face mask to help cleanse my skin.

  3. I absolutely love their Morning Burst line! Especially the orange face wash with the little burst capsules! It’s like a refreshing slap in the face, but without the pain! 🙂

  4. I am a long-time fan of Clean & Clear. I recently started using their Deep Cleaning Exfoliating Scrub and love how refreshed it makes my skin feel!

    In the morning, I wash my face with Clean & Clear Deep Cleaning Exfoliating Scrub
    and moisturize with Olay Complete moisturizer for sensitive skin — with SPF, of course! I also use a de-puffing eye roller to wake my eyes up!

    At night, I use an oil-free makeup remover, wash my skin with a gentle cleanser and moisturize again. I also swipe my face with an oil-eliminating astringent 3-4 times a week.