bedroom updates with wayfair

      This post is sponsored by Wayfair, a brand I love and have been partnering with for years!

We’ve been in our home for almost 10 months now, and we’re slowly but surely making more and more updates (some big, some small) to our space! I recently made some small but mighty changes to our bedroom, thanks to Wayfair. I’ve shared photos of our bedroom on Instagram before (here + here); candidly, we haven’t spent a lot of time or energy decorating this room as we have other rooms. Right when we moved in, we bought a West Elm dresser from CraigsList, hung two wall scones and our pendant light, and upgraded to a king bed (!!!!). I fell in love with a bed frame from Wayfair; we ordered the ‘George Oliver Binns Wood Platform Bed’, which is sadly unavailable. Here are a few similar options: Biggs Mid-Century Fabric & Wood Platform Bed , Benfield Upholstered Platform Bed and Benfield Upholstered Platform Bed. Everything else was just haphazardly placed in the bedroom. We have an older rug under the bed and for side tables, we were using an old gold table from a friend and a tall and narrow plant stand on the other side. My plant stand/night stand hack was super wobbly and wouldn’t really hold much more than my water bottle and a book. There were so many other priority home items we needed to buy, coming from our small apartment, that nightstands and the bedroom overall sort of became a design afterthought.

Fast forward ten months to this week, and we finallllly upgraded some things! First of all, we have real nightstands! 👏🏽With DRAWERS! I ordered these modern two-drawer nightstands and LOVE the way they look in our room. Our bedroom is awkwardly shaped, so we needed nightstands that were pretty narrow. These definitely do the trick! At about $100/each, they really are affordable and I think look high quality and durable for the price. The nightstands are the same brand as our headboard, and I think they go really well together! It’s also SO nice having storage space to tuck away some not-so-cute stuff. I also ordered this super soft pom-pom blanket to add some texture and color to the bed. Jack has deemed this blanket *his* and is always snuggling on it. 🐶The gray color also ties into our rug and headboard.

For me, decorating our home is a process and ongoing project. We aren’t the type of people to buy everything at once and then be completely “done” with our decor. Even though it took awhile, it’s so nice to see our bedroom come together and look a little more polished and finished. 💛

Bed Frame: Wayfair
Night Stands: Wayfair
Pendant Light: Leann Ford x Target (similar)
Wall Sconces: World Market
Comforter: Buffy (gifted)
Throw Blanket: Wayfair

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