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What started as a ‘let’s think about getting the girls bunk beds’ turned into me going into a deep rabbit hole learning about bunk beds! Today, I’m going to share more about different bunk bed options I found, including dimensions, photos, links to shop, etc.

For reference, the girls share a room and both are in matching Stokke cribs. Here’s a post all about their shared nursery! When they were much younger, we had the Stokke cribs in the ‘Mini’ size and over the years have added inserts and larger mattresses. Right now, Winnie is in the standard oval crib size and Lucy is in the ‘junior bed’ size. When we get bunkbeds, the plan is for Winnie to still be in her crib in the same room, and use the bottom bunk as a snuggle area and reading nook until Winnie is ready to transition out of the crib.

Under $500

Wayfair – this comes in five colors and has tons of five star reviews (something I always filter by when shopping from Wayfair). By the way, it looks almost exactly, if not the same, as the Max & Lily one)

Dimensions: 50” high x 42.5” wide x 80” long

IKEA Kura – I have a whole section about this below, and think this is the direction we are going with! I’ve heard from TONS of people, including good friends, who have this bed used as a bunk bed and LOVE it. More info below.

Dimensions: 45 5/8 ” H x 41 3/8 ” wide x 78 3/8 ” long

Overstock – when I  did an Instagram poll, this was the top vote! I really like the design of this one, but I just am leaning towards more natural wood in the girls room vs. this off-white one . I  feel like it’ll feel a little too stark in there with white! I

Dimensions: 48″high x 42″ wide x 78″ long 



Pottery Barn – I  love the two tones on this one and I’d guess that the quality is much better than some of the less expensive ones! Love that it sits on the ground vs. has legs so it’s not quite as high.

Dimensions: 54″ high x 44″ wide x 78″ long 

Babyletto – this is such a gorgeous, modern bunk bed! One of the best things is that this can also be used as two single beds when not in ‘bunk bed mode’. So versatile! While aesthetic wise this is my favorite, it’s a little too tall for what we’re looking for and I want a floor bed vs. raised bottom bunk.

Dimensions: 67.75″ high x 40.63″ wide  x81.5″ long

Room & Board – the design of this is so gorgeous and love that it’s a full bed on the bottom vs. a twin!

Dimensions: 65″ high x 59″ wide x 78″ long


I’ve had SO many conversations with you guys about this bed! While it’s technically not a bunk bed, it’s a reversible bed so you can put the bed at the top and use the below space as a floor bed. A few things to know: it’s been recommended to also get slats so the mattress isn’t directly on the floor for airflow/ventilation. And, you’ll want a thinner mattress (IKEA sells them) that is less than 5″ tall for the top bunk for safety reasons.

I  also found out that the Nugget couch fits perfectly in the bottom section, so if you didn’t want to have a mattress, you could still make a cozy snuggle spot with the Nugget! We use our Nugget in our family room all the time, so I’m planning to just have a regular mattress on the bottom bunk.

I  ove that the IKEA KURA bed isn’t as tall as standard bunk beds, which makes me feel more comfortable since my girls are still pretty young. As you can see from the product images, there are white panels you can put on, especially on the side for a barrier. While I love the look WITHOUT the panels, for safety reasons, especially at the girls’ ages, we will probably need to keep it up.

In terms of sprucing up the paneling…there are some super cute removable wallpaper/sticker you can find on Etsy to spruce up the white panel – how cute! I saw a few KURA hacks with rattan siding and I  loved that idea, but then (via @tegan_jean) found removable rattan-like panels that look just like the real deal. AMAZING! I  think that’s what I’ll order if I  go with the IKEA KURA bed.  The rattan bed below is actually the peel and stick panels! 😱

IKEA Kura images via: @kat.illac, Pinterest, Comfy Dwelling, @samanthabrancato, @tegan_jean, @amandakrovic, Project Nursery, The London Mother / featured image via @petiteslunes


IKEA Kura Bed – $179

IKEA Twin Slatted Base (to go under bottom mattress, not included with KURA bed) – $30

Wayfair Fairgrove Harriet Bee Bunk Bed – $420

Overstock White Modern Bunk Bed – $430

Max & Lily Low Bunk Bed – $430

Babyletto Bunk Bed – ~$1,000

Pottery Barn Bunk Bed – $1,600

Room & Board Waverly Bunk Bed – ~$1,800

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