Bunny-Inspired Easter Gift Ideas

If you know me personally or have followed me for awhile, you likely know that my oldest daughter Lucy LOVES bunnies! We have accumulated QUITE the collection of all things bunny, from chairs and pillows to toys and stuffed animals to clothes and shoes. And more! I  thought it would be fun to share some bunny-inspired Easter gift ideas for your little ones! I  sort of feel like a bunny gift ideas expert at this point because our home is filled with cute tiny bunny things, thanks to  loving family and friends. I had so much fun putting together these bunny-inspired gift ideas — a lot of these items we already own, a couple I ordered for the girls Easter baskets this year, and many are some cute ideas!

I also want to acknowledge the pressure that comes for parents (more often than not, moms) to curate and compile and gift these themed type gifts around certain holidays. You are not a better mom because you have an Easter basket filled with expensive toys or curate and share the cutest, on-theme gifts. You are not a worse mom because you filled your child’s Easter basket with $1 goodies and looks nothing like what you see on Pinterest and Instagram. Or if you decide to not do Easter baskets at all. I  know that social media, primarily Instagram, is flooded with “you should buy this” and “omg look at the cute thing / activity I  made for my kid” and it can often lead to the “wow! she did that?!” and “why didn’t I do that?” feelings of comparison and not-good-enough-ness. WE DON’T HAVE TO TAKE THAT ON.  I  shared about this around Advent; that I  saw just about everyone sharing their perfectly curated Advent activities and I  didn’t have the emotional energy or time for it. AND THAT IS OKAY!

Last Easter was the early days of the pandemic and an extra hard day for me. I cried most of the day, disappointed that my relatives couldn’t meet baby Winnie. It was rainy and gloomy and I was so bummed out. This year – I’ve decided to go big for Easter. I  want to celebrate. I  want to curate cute tiny things for my kids that they will play with but more importantly, bring me joy. Lucy LOVES bunnies so it feels like the perfect holiday to go all out for. I also don’t have a ton of things to look forward to — and planning Easter activities and celebrations gives me a sense of control and excitement for the future, reasons that others told me they went all-out for Advent calendars/countdowns to Christmas. I  have the emotional energy and bandwidth to do it and I WANT to do it, not because of social media pressure. Curating cute Easter things doesn’t make me a better mom. AT ALL. The most important thing, always always always, is our presence. Kids just need us grown-ups to show up as ourselves; to feel seen and loved and cared for and that can happen with or without an Easter basket filled with goodies. Easter is significant without fancy baskets and wooden toys and candy and egg hunts. Your value as a parent (and person) has NOTHING to do with the gifts you give your child – during Easter or ever.

Without further ado, here’s my bunny-inspired Easter gift ideas! 🐰



Long Sleeve:  Pink Cotton Pajamas, Blue Small Bunnies, Large Bunny with Floral Pants, Peter Rabbit Pajamas (we have these!), Cream Floral with Small Bunnies

Short Sleeve: Blue Three Piece PJ Set, Bunny Flower Crown Short Set (I got both of these sets for the girls for their Easter basket)


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Sock Pack, Bunny Kids Face Masks (these are Lucy’s favorite – so cute, comfy, and adjustable!), Bunny Enamel Hair Clips, Bunny Ear Clips, Bunny Hair Scrunchies, Bunny Pom Pom Tail Hair ClipsBunny Customized Lunchbox (some friends got this for Lucy for her birthday – it’s so cute!), Bunny Dress Up Kit (we have this!)


Wooden Bunny Set (we have this set of 7 – so sweet!),  Wooden Dress-Up Bunny ‘Puzzle’ , Emma Rabbit, Bunny Rattle, Henry the Rabbit, Jellycat Bunny (we have multiple Jellycat bunnies of all colors — they are the softest and cutest!), Bunny Calico Critters FamilyWooden Bunny Hutch & Accessories (we have this and its played with regularly!), Counting Carrots (just got this!), Tic Tac Toe Set


Rabbit Chair, Cream Bunny Pillow (we have this!), Brown Bunny Pillow, Peter Rabbit Blanket, Bunny Hop Blanket, Bunny Rattan Chair, Bunny Bamboo Tableware Set, Peter Rabbit Plate (we have this too; Lucy is obsessed!)


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