how to ruin your life

how to ruin your life

  We choose a program right out of high school because the proper thing to do is to go straight to University. We choose a job right out of University, even if we didn’t love our program, because we just invested time into it. We go to that job every morning because we feel the need to support ourselves abundantly. We take the next step, and the next step, and the next step, thinking that we are fulfilling some checklist for life, and one day we wake up depressed. We wake up stressed out. We feel pressured and don’t know why. That is how you […]

lucky andi archives: ending the fairytale mindset

I originally wrote this post titled Why That Fairytale Mindset Needs to End over three years ago, in 2013 (!!), and thought it was worth re-sharing. Part of the post is a  reflection on women and how our culture often puts pressure, some obvious, some not-so-obvious, to look, behave, and think a certain way. While there’s an influence of stronger women in the media and in our world – from politics (Hillary!) to TV/movies to music (Queen B!) and beyond – we still have a ways to go. I recently was having dinner with friends and we were talking about negotiating rates for projects. After a lot of conversations […]

lucky andi archives: body image reminders

lucky andi archives: body image reminders

I originally wrote this blog post in 2013, but it’s worth re-sharing over and over again, because I seem to need to remind myself these truths over and over again. Maybe you are struggling with what you look like or frustrated about a certain body part and need to hear this too. Oh, and here’s a photo I shared on Instagram from very recently and there’s some things I love about the photo (mainly my outfit and the pretty, foggy ocean backdrop) but other things I caught myself criticizing, so I continue to remind myself, over and over: you are more. And so are you. <3 xo  // […]

Lucky Andi Archives: You are Significant With or Without a Significant Other

I thought this article and wise words from Shauna Niequist were worth re-sharing, especially with Valentine’s Day coming up and everything. I originally shared it on my blog in 2014, but it’s important and valuable enough to share over and over again. Shauna’s words emphasize the importance of remembering that you matter and that no matter what your relationship status or “life phase” is – you are still worthy of love and so much significance. When I first shared the post, I was dating and now that I’m married, the words are just as important to read, over and over again. Wherever you’re at in life, please take a […]

traveling & on the go beauty must-haves

confession time {and if you know me personally, you might already know this}: i’m a chapstick, lip gloss, lipstick hoarder. having dry lips is a huge pet peeve of mine and i’ve had a long-time habit of always carrying lip products with me, everywhere i go. almost every single bag or purse of mine has chapstick or lipstick stashed in them. this whole i-accidentally-left-lipstick-in-every-bag situation actually plays in my favor, especially when i’m traveling and may have forgotten to pack extras along. vaseline recently reached out to me about their new lip therapy tins and i was super excited to try them out! it happened at the perfect […]

living room blogger picks on

hey everyone! it seems like designing and decorating our apartment is going to be a work-in-progress, all the time. and i’m okay with that! i like that we are constantly finding new items to add to our space and refining our style. our apartment is fairly small and the living room and bedroom are separated by french doors that we always keep open. this makes the living room and bedroom spaces blend together, so lately i’ve been focusing on how we can make both rooms have their own unique style, and at the same time, cohesively integrate together. i’ve teamed up with to select […]