5 Brave and Beautiful Things

5 Brave and Beautiful Things

I LOVED this blog post from Ann Voskamp // Here’s an excerpt….5 brave and beautiful reminders for you today and every day. 1. You’ve got to want to serve more than you want to be seen, you’ve got to care more than you want to be comfortable, you’ve got to want to give more than you want to get. 2. Promise yourself you’ll remember this because it will affect your joy: Be entirely engaged in the process of your work, and be entirely disengaged in outcome of your work. You can’t determine outcome — but you can determine to come and put in everything you […]

H&M Home Collection

I recently discovered H&M’s Home Collection and LOVE it! The collection has everything for every room, from kitchen and bathroom to living room and bedroom. My favorite pieces are decoration pieces, like candles, baskets and jars, leaf-printed pillows and the glass vases and carafes. I love the earthy accents and also the price point is really affordable! Here’s my favorites, but you can shop the full collection here. Glass Carafe Gold Round Mirrored Tray Scented Candle Cactus Shaped Gold Candle Holder Large Wire Basket Pack of Mini Vases Glass Pineapple Jar Scented Candle {LOVE the leaf print!} Leafy Patterned Cushion Cover Large Wooden Cutting Board

cheese & wine, YES

this past fall, we took a day trip up to napa valley to enjoy a food and wine harvest celebration hosted by tillamook & charles krug winery. we hardly ever turn down a good trip to wine country and this seemed like the perfect way to kick off our honeymoon festivities early, as our flight was later that evening. typically, we visit sonoma instead of napa {further away from SF and usually more tourist-y} so i was especially excited to try a new spot. charles krug is the oldest winery in the napa valley region and the grounds were breathtaking! it felt like “real fall” […]

luckyandi archives: advice for bad days

having a bad day? here’s some advice for bad days that i wrote 2+ years ago…and when in doubt, buy yourself flowers. works like a charm! not every day is going to be amazing. as an optimistic, look-on-the-bright-side kind of girl, it’s hard for me to accept this. some days won’t be exciting, they will be boring. even worse, some days will just be flat out disappointing. rather than fake happiness or pretend everything is okay, please just be honest enough with yourself to admit you’re having a bad day. it’s important to be positive, but it’s so so so important to remember that being […]

luckyandi archives: advice for millennials

I’ve been blogging for a pretty long time and after this whole blog redesign / relaunch, I’ve uncovered older posts that I really love and are worth re-sharing. This list was originally shared on my blog in November of 2013 and the list is RELEVANT Magazine’s  11 pieces of advice for millennials. Reading this two years later, all of it’s still super valuable and important (especially #1, #5, #6, #9 and #11!). Enjoy! 1. NO ONE EVER “ARRIVES,” SO ENJOY WHERE YOU ARE RIGHT NOW Don’t let ambition and contentment become mutually exclusive qualities. Sure, you may want to end up in a better job, […]

how to savor your life

how to savor your life

I was so excited when I first found out that my favorite author, Shauna Niequist, was releasing another book! My mom surprised me and pre-ordered me the book and I finally received the book, a 365-day devotional called Savor, last week. I’ve been reading a daily entry each morning and it’s been a really great way to start my day and focus on savoring moments throughout the day  – the world we live in, the people around me, the little and big things that surround us. Here’s a blurb from a guest blog post Shauna did; much of this text is woven throughout her book as well. Highly […]