January Resolutions

How and why is it already the end of January?! This month has flown by…although I feel like I say that every month. Here’s eight things I’m working on this month – resolutions or goals if you will. Do you have anything you’re working on this month? More monthly resolutions here! 1. Read 3 books I absolutely love to read – and often don’t allow myself to just sit down and enjoy a book. This month, I’ve been trying to read more. I recently picked up I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron {highly recommend!} and These Girls by Sarah Pekkanen from the library and finished in a few days. […]

June/July Resolutions

1. APPRECIATE ART: I want to spend more time enjoying art. One of the perks of living in a big city is that there are tons of art galleries and museums and I need to take advantage of it! I definitely am trying to learn more about art and in turn, appreciate it more! 2. SHOW LOVE: It’s so easy to show love to people who we are in tight-knit relationships with. I have no problem loving my parents, sisters, friends and people I’m surrounded with every day. Something I need to work on is showing love to absolutely everyone I encounter. I shared in this […]

May Resolutions

1. UNPLUG: This month {and every month really} I am trying more and more to unplug. As much as I love technology and always being “connected” to what’s going on, it’s so refreshing to completely ignore my phone and computer for a day. As I explained in this post, it’s very important to me that I don’t allow my computer, phone and other devices dictate my life. 2. CELEBRATE OFTEN! Who says that celebrations are reserved for birthdays and holidays? In May, I’m treating every day and every experience as a celebration. I think spending some time in Ohio visiting college friends in Athens + […]

March Resolutions

1. Spark creativity: This month, I want to constantly be utilizing the right-side of my brain – the creative side. I want to really focus on looking at things through a black and white angle, but instead through a wide range of colors. I want to be imaginative and be inspired by my imagination – not just by my to-do list. A few creativity tips? Think like a child, imagine you are far away, laugh it up and travel. Living in a big city also helps {although I feel equally creative in small-town Ohio as I do here in SF!}   2. Enjoy company: With lots of visitors […]

February Resolutions

1. Live with authentic integrity: This month, I want to focus on really living in integrity and honesty. I want to be known by what I believe in and what I stand for. One of my favorite authors, Mark Batterson, stated in best: “If you compromise your integrity you compromise your opportunity.” It’s important to stand 2. Recharge: This resolution is something I need to embrace not just this month, but all the time! What I mean by recharge is this: taking time off each day to get away from routine, turning off my mobile/computer/Kindle, focusing thoughts on what is good and true. And of course, this […]

December Resolutions

Good morning sweet friends! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! I definitely did – and weirdly can’t believe it’s already December 5. Less than three weeks until Christmas! The past three months, I’ve been giving myself goals and resolutions to work on and strive toward. December is month #4 – Woo hoo! Below are a few things I’m working on and focusing on this month. Don’t forget -Here were my resolutions for September, October and November. As always, thanks for reading and for making me just happy. xoxo 1. Celebrate often! Who says it needs to be a holiday to have a celebration? This month, I want to treat every day […]