November Resolutions

1. Accumulate experiences. Last week, I blogged about valuing experiences over possessions. Rather than spend my time and money on material possessions, I want to focus on experiences. This past weekend was a perfect example: long brunches with friends, hot cups of tea in the kitchen, pumpkin carving, playing in the park like a little kid, hikes, making my own Chex Mix, painting days and homemade dinners with best friends. I want every day this month to be just like that. Experiences and good times always rule out great items. 2. Don’t take on other people’s problems. I love listening to other people’s stories. I […]

October Resolutions

1. Drink more water: I definitely drink MORE than enough coffee for one person, but I’m slacking in the H2O department. This month, I want to consciously make an effort to drink more water – alllllll day long! Drinking water is good for your your hair, skin, heart and so much more. 2. Be present: I’ve been catching myself thinking about the future WAY too much and really need to slow down. When will I be at a certain spot in my career? When will I meet the man of my dreams? How many kids do I want? Where do I want to live next? What is […]

September Resolutions

1. Work out more: Living in San Francisco means everywhere I go is a mini workout with the hills, but that isn’t going to cut it this month! I’ve been missing my swimming routine and just the energy I get from exercising. I just bought a gym pass and want to attempt to go 5x a week! 2. Know when to unplug: I live in a digital world. My life and job revolve around being online – whether it’s blogging, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, anything. I seriously sit in front of my computer all day (and love it!) but I want to consciously remember to turn off my […]

I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not making New Year’s Resolutions this year. Things like losing weight, organizing my finances, spending more time with family and friends of course ran through my mind. For me personally, the word “resolution” is dooming me to fail because it focuses on what I need to change or do better. Instead, I’m choosing to have goals for the upcoming year, rather than resolutions. Here are the key differences for me: A resolution is a vow or promise. A goal is a target. A resolution is short-term. A goal is long-term. A resolution is something you want to do or change. A goal is something […]