Celebrate even if it’s just a Monday!

Hi and happy Monday! My mom lands in San Francisco today and I am so so so excited to spend quality time with her this week. I’m looking forward to our roadtrip adventure to Big Sur with her over the weekend but also simple things like getting coffee together in the morning. Spending time with people who love me unconditionally, like my mom, is definitely something worth celebrating. I recently read this quote from Osho and felt like it was a perfect way to start my day and week: True celebration should come from your life, in your life. And true celebration cannot be according […]

activities that soothe the soul

what’s your go-to soul-soothing activity? while i enjoy all of the above activities, my favorites are journaling, reading, hiking and coloring/painting. i hope you have a chance to step away from your computer today to do at least one “soul-soothing activity.” make today a good one! xo

Quote of the Day

I shared this on Instagram a few days ago and it was just too good not to share on Polish My Crown. What a refreshing crown polish and reminder. Have a wonderful weekend! xx

Happiest of Holidays

Joy to the world! It’s pretty unbelievable how quickly the past few months have been and the weeks leading up to the holidays have been nothing less than rushed and on the go. Since arriving back in Ohio, I’ve been able to soak up quiet and relaxing moments. The words from this blog post are ringing in my head: Christmas cannot be bought. Christmas cannot be created. Christmas cannot be made by hand. Christmas can only be found — Don’t forget the real reason we’re celebrating today – it’s much, much more than good food and presents. I hope you find Christmas by looking for it with open arms and […]


It just feels wrong to go on writing blog posts without addressing the devastating news from Friday morning. It’s been hard to think about anything else to be honest, and I hope that writing out my thoughts will help other people in some way, shape or form. Like everyone else, I’m brokenhearted, shocked and feel sick to my stomach thinking that 26 innocent people who lost their lives at an elementary school last Friday. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about the incident all weekend and asking the “Why? How?” questions. Most of the victims were six or seven years old. My heart breaks thinking of […]