a life/work update

a life/work update

Over three years ago, in April of 2011, I packed up my bags and moved across the country for my first job. I was a very recent college grad and had never been west of the Midwest. I certainly had no work experience, other than a handful of helpful college internships. I had six or seven phone interviews with the team at Edelman Digital, was offered a job and enthusiastically accepted. Over the past few years, I’ve had the opportunity to work on a ton of fun and challenging digital/social media projects for various clients, including AMD, Adobe, Rue La La, Barbie, PANTONE, PayPal and more. […]

I’m a wannabe photographer.

I’m a wannabe photographer. Seriously, I used to bring my point-and-shoot camera in my bag every day just in case I found something fun or interesting to document. Lately, my purse has been feeling a little lighter. Enter Instagram and other mobile photo apps, enabling me to shoot, edit and share photos directly from my mobile. They also allow casual shooters like me to edit or enhance an image. (Instagram, for example, offers fifteen different filters with names like “Hefe,” “Toaster” and my personal favorite, “X-Pro II.” Here are a few brands utilizing Instagram: Fashion/Retail: Burberry, Oscar de la Renta, Kate Spade, Bergdorf Goodman, Marc Jacobs […]

My summer: Expectations & Opportunities

I wish I could tell you that this summer was exactly what I expected. That is quite the opposite, but looking back on the twelve week stretch, I’m so happy that my attitude switched about the summer. My dad helped me move out of my beautiful brick-walled apartment in Athens  and back into my parents house four hours away in early June. My girlfriends were scattered for the summer-one staying at OSU, one playing summer volleyball at Kent, one interning for Vera Bradley in Fort Wayne, and so on. Every journalism student that I talked to from school was planning on having a glamourous summer […]

Reaching out

Good morning world! I hope everyone had a relaxing weekend. Today is a day of transitions for me; my summer job ended this morning and my internship with the Intern Queen ended last Thursday. It feels very strange not rushing around doing work! During my last week interning, Lauren, the founder and CEO of Intern Queen Inc. encouraged the four interns to reach out to everyone we have been in contact with over the summer. This was definitely a push to clear out my e-mail Inbox, but I began the almost never-ending task. I sent e-mails to everyone I’ve worked with since June, whether I had […]

Internship Reflections

Last night when I was catching up on some blogs, I came across Jennifer’s PeaceLovePR blog post from May titled “Taking Advantage of Interns”. Jennifer discusses how important it is to mentor interns, provide feedback  and mold student interns into the best professional they can be in the future. I loved the post and was reminded how thankful I am for three awesome internships I completed; specifically because of the way I, as the intern, was treated and what valuable tools and lessons I learned personally and professionally. The three internships I want to reflect on were with MDA, SBC Advertising and Intern Queen, Inc. […]