checking in: what success means to me

Andi Teggart

I recently re-read my personal definition of success (originally written jan. 2012) and wanted to re-share. the list below shares the six ways I measure if my life is successful to this point, to check in on where I’m at and what I’m focusing my time and energy on. they are life goals, in a way, and focused on who I am as a person.

to help people maximize and discover their potential. to radiate unconditional love – to everyone, every day. to live out God-given joy. to live with authentic integrity. to be surrounded by people who encourage and challenge me. to be the best person i can be right where i’m at now.

pinpointing what success looks to me can be quite difficult and in some ways for me, changed over time. i’m thankful that success DOESN’T look like getting a specific job or having a specific title or getting a certain number of likes and comments or accomplishing, doing, checking things off a list. success to me is being comfortable and content with who I am and who I strive to be day-to-day. the six measures of success shared above aren’t going to get me the best job ever or the most engagement and followers or even make me popular in any sort of way. i don’t want my success to be defined by what other people think of me or someone else’s standards of who I am or who they want me to be. I want to be the best person I can be right this very moment and the way that comes to live is by loving people, helping people be their best selves, being my best self and being surrounded by people who mentally, emotionally and spiritually encourage and support me.

what does success mean to you?


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