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I recently went to an event, hosted by Inforum at the Commonwealth Club, that I want to share about! Inforum produces Bay Area events, where you can listen to and meet “local celebrities” in entertainment, tech, pop culture, politics, etc. The event I went to was a cocktail reception and Q&A with the founders of Future Bars, the guys behind Bourbon and Branch and other popular Bay Area cocktail bars.

It was super interesting to hear the stories about how they got started, what the purpose of their bars is all about and more. My *favorite* part (other than sipping their yummy cocktails!) was hearing about how they describe each of their individual bars in their own words! I liked that they described each as “a celebration of something” and that’s what the entire vibe of the bar is all about. Each bar has a distinct concept, style and personality, but they all focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients and attentive, hospitable service. They also want all of their bars to be an escape from regular life or some of the “basic” places you could get a drink.

So I wanted to share with you more info about the different FutureBars’ bars, including their location, vibe and a quick overview of what you can expect there! If you’re not sure where to get a drink this weekend, definitely check out one (or all…) of these spots! I’ve been to the four below indicated with *.

Bourbon & Branch* (501 Jones x O’Farrell) – “A celebration of the 1920’s and the era of Prohibition when the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverage was outlawed.”

Devil’s Acre (256 Columbus Avenue x Broadway) –  “A celebration of San Francisco’s Barbary Coast era of the 1850’s to the early 1900’s.”
Step inside to sample a time when the difference between a saloon keeper and pharmacist wasn’t much, and both were prone to prescribing a variety of alcohol based mixtures that were supposed to “cure what ails you.”

Local Edition *(691 Market Street x 3rd) – “A celebration of newspaper heritage.”
This bar is located in the Hearst building, where the printing press from the San Francisco Examiner lived for 75 years. when Future Bars was renovating the space, they found tons of old editions of the SF Examiner newspaper, that they have displayed in the bar!

Pagan Idol (375 Bush Street x Kearney) – “A celebration of island life.”
The purpose of this cocktail bar is to transport you to vacation mode.

Rickhouse* (246 Kearney x Bush) – “A superior beverage experience.”
Whether you are interested in artisanal cocktails, fine spirits, local beers or boutique California wines, this spot has a precious and peculiar selection (plus good vibes!)

Swig (561 Geary x Jones ) – “The City’s quintessential modern classic bar.”
The decor is inviting and vibrant, the music is always fantastic, the drinks are always delicious and the staff is always energetic and knowledgeable

Tradition *(441 Jones Street x O’Farrell) – “A celebration of America”
This bar features all-American advertisements from the 1920s and 30s. They also have “themed nooks” in the space after different types of bars, like hotel bar, Tiki bar, etc.

Tupper and Reed (2271 Shattuck Avenue in Berkeley) – “A celebration of music”.
The cocktail bar is named after a music shop that occupied the historic building. fun fact: almost every musician who visited the Bay Area went here for an drink pack in the bar’s original state!

If you’re interested in attending an Inforum event, visit HERE.


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