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My main queen Paige sent me this to me yesterday. She only posted a few that mostly related to our friendship and roommate-ness (I feel like I have the right to make up my own words on my blog?) but I decided to find the full list on The Frisky. I also found a list of “30 things to do while in College” from The Examiner. I wanted to list my favorite 15 from the post, and elaborate via italics and photos on how/why they relate to my college experience so far and to many others’ experiences as well.

“What Every College Student Should Have”

    1. A favorite quiet spot to study (yes, study!).

Athens, Ohio? Perks. Always.

    1. A way home for a long weekend.
Morgan (far left) lives pretty close to my parents house and is so great about driving me back! Also I'm really lucky that my dad will pick me up whenever I need a trip home.
    1. At least one semester with no Friday classes!

Learned from the best, Lyn, that Friday classes just can’t happen.

    1. Clear boundaries when it comes to your body, your space, and your food in the fridge.
    2. Someone to talk to when you’re feeling completely overwhelmed.
This was definitely easier when Paige and I lived together, but we still call/text each other when either of us are feeling a little stressed.
    1. A wardrobe that includes actual clothes — and not just pajamas emblazoned with your school’s name on the ass — to wear to class or out with friends.
My queenie Court and I share closets. And she always puts up with my 400 outfit changes!
    1. An adviser who actually gives good advice.

Word of advice: SWITCH if you feel yours isn’t.

    1. The courage to appeal an unfair grade.
    2. A small sewing kit.
    3. At least one friend who will tell you when your outfit or behavior is inappropriate.
I have great friends who tell me when my behavior is out of line (I really appreciate it!) but I wish someone would have told Tess and I how ridiculous we looked in the EXACT same outfit freshmen year:)
    1. At least a few experiences you wouldn’t want your parents to know about.
    2. Friends you didn’t know in high school.

I love my high school beauties, but one of my favorite things about college is that I’ve met so many people different from me and I’ve learned so much from them.

    1. Friends you’ll want to stay in touch with when you’re 30.

The list goes on and on and on.

    1. A 24-hour diner to grab breakfast at 3 a.m.
USD is the OU spot that Zash and I usually attend. In this picture, I forced Z to wear my headband and I wore his hat. Tess, I know you're laughing right now!
  1. A game plan post-graduation.

Full “30 Things” list found here on The Frisky.

“What Every College Students Should Do”

Walk the entire campus. Have dinner at an International restaurant (Ohio University students: GO TO SALAAM) .Raise money for a charity (I’m excited to run the Empower 5k this October) .Visit the largest, best, or rarest book collection on campus. Introduce your roommate to something they have never done before.  Take one good Spring Break trip. Join a co-ed club (my choices would be UPC, Thread and Student Senate). Walk in the Homecoming Parade. Take a picture with the school mascot or famous landmark. Try making a home style meal in either your dorm room or apartment. Do a bar crawl. Try to earn an “A” in one of the “hard classes.” Take the most ridiculous elective course ever. Study in the Main Library at least once (Finals week is actually fun to be in the library because everyone is there). Eat at every food court or dining hall on campus. Join an intramural sports team (Freshmen year: volleyball team called Peter on the Beach, don’t ask). Go to at least three sporting events. GRADUATE!

Spring Break 2009 w/ Sam, Lyn and Tess. The beach + Third Eye Blind concert=BEST EVER.
Soph year took a photo w/ Sarah and Rufus.
Marta and Michelle's Bday

Full “30 things” list from The Examiner found here.

What are your top things to do while in college? What do you think are the top “essentials” to have while in college? I hope all your queens are having a fantastic Monday!

XOXO -A (In honor of Gossip Girl Season 4 premier tonight!)

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5 thoughts on “College: To do/to have

  1. ANDI- So glad I got to know you during junior year. I can’t believe we only met through being neighbors but am so glad to have you! (I don’t mind your closet, smoothies, and late-night shenannigans either)

    ps. I don’t think you and Tess look embarrassing dressed similarly… However I am a little embarrassed for you that you are posing with your KEYS around your next… FRESHMAN! haha just kidding, love you!