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As I mentioned in this post, I spent five days last week on a juice detox. I wanted to give my body a bit of a break from processed foods and after some research on juicing, decided to give it a go! San Francisco-based company Thrive Cleanse graciously provided me with six juices every day for the five day period. I’ve had a lot of people asking me in person and via Instagram/Twitter what the juicing experience was like so here it goes!

The lovely Megan from Thrive Cleanse helped me every step of the way starting with emails beforehand “prepping me” for the juice detox. Thrive Cleanse has lots of juices available and I had the same six juices for the first three days. The last two days, I switched in two different juices.  Each morning, I would wake up and drink tea and drink my first juice around 9:30 or 10 am. Megan told me to drink juices every two hours but I ended up usually having a juice about every two and a half hours. I also wrote down how each day went before I went to bed:

Day 1 {Sunday, November 4}: I was a bit hungry in the afternoon and a headache all day. I think the headache is from cutting caffeine – like my small coffee addiction – out. I wasn’t tired and I spent the day on an hour and half hike and at the gym for an hour. Even though I was really active today, I didn’t feel weak from the lack of food. The Lively Lemonade {#4 of the day} has cayenne in it – and was SO spicy!

Day 2 {Monday, November 5}: I slept so well last night! My body felt rested all day and I was energized and alert during work. I also LOVE the Pamp juice { #2 of the day}. I felt a little shaky in the late morning/early afternoon and drank herbal tea throughout the day in between juices.

Day 3 {Tuesday, November 6}: Woke up this morning and went running. I felt really weak and dizzy during the run which never typically happens. I think it might be because I haven’t had solid food for over 48 hours! During the day, I felt energized and relaxed. I’m really starting to like the Lively Lemonade. My body also feels lighter and just…different.

Day 4 {Wednesday, November 7}: Slept like a rock last night. I was wide awake all day and felt energetic and cheerful throughout the day. Today I tried the Sweet Potato Pie juice {#3 of the day} and liked it a lot more than The Big Red juice {what I had Sunday-Tuesday}. I don’t feel tempted to cheat or break the cleanse – I’m really starting to enjoy the taste of the juices.

Day 5 {Thursday, November 8}: I woke up feeling a bit tense. I drank tea throughout the day and can’t believe how much easier drinking the juice has become. I felt WIDE AWAKE after the Lively Lemonade juice today which is just crazy because I haven’t had any caffeine! My pants also feel loose — weird. I haven’t stepped on a scale though. My favorite part of the juicing cleanse is ending each day with the Cozy Cashew juice. Absolutely. So. Delicious.

Here’s the different juices I drank during the cleanse:

  • GREEN DREAM {had this juice 2x each day}: apple, ginger, kale, romaine, parsley, spinach, cucumber, celery, lemon
  • PAMP: pineapple, apple, mint, pear
  • BIG RED: beet, carrot, parsley, celery, lemon
  • LIVELY LEMONADE: lemon, cayenne, agave, filtered water
  • COZY CASHEW: raw cashews, vanilla, cinnamon, filtered water
  • HERE & NOW {the seasonal juice, I tried Sweet Potato Pie}: sweet potato, carrots, apple, cashew, cinnamon, vanilla
  • FENNOMINAL GREENS: fennel, apple, cucumber, mint

I absolutely loved the way I felt while I was on the juice cleanse and I’m already planning on buying a juicer so I can start making my own. Overall, I was energized, alert, focused and felt really good. I didn’t weight myself, because I wasn’t doing the cleanse to necessarily lose weight but I do think I lost a few pounds. I honestly felt WAY better than I expected and want to try to do a short three-day cleanse every month or so. If you have any questions about juicing, I’m no expert but happy to answer the best I can. I really really think you should try it sometime!

Thanks again to Thrive Cleanse for the awesome juicing opportunity/experiment!


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