Lucy & Winnie’s Fairy Birthday Party

We recently celebrated Lucy and Winnie turning 6 and 4 with a festive fairy party! I’ve shared detailed blog posts highlighting past parties (including a cheetah/party animals party and an adopt-a-puppy party) and also wanted to recap this fairy party. We had a lot of fun putting together this party and getting lost in fun, festive details to bring this whimsical joint birthday party to life.

Here are the details of Lucy and Winnie’s fairy party! 🧚🏻‍♀️🍄✨🌿


A few months ago, I asked Lucy and Winnie to work together to come up with their birthday party theme. They decided they wanted a FAIRY PARTY! 🧚🏻‍♀️  I almost always order party supplies from Meri Meri, and I  ended up ordering a lot from their Fairy party collection. The color scheme of the party actually really tied into our other decor – we have lots of pinks and greens in the house already. ✨ Here’s a mood board I made once I  started party planning.


Last year was our first time doing a big DIY balloon garland and it makes such a great visual impact! I knew I wanted to order one this year too. I  found this gorgeous Balloon Garland Kit and thought it would be perfect. The shop actually offers customization, so I placed the order and sent them the mood board (above) that I  created. They made some small color tweaks to the balloons they sent and did SUCH a great job matching the color scheme! We used the  Balloon Electric Pump to blow up the balloons, which is an absolute must if you’re DIYing a balloon garland like this! I’ve definitely noticed a difference between quality Etsy shop balloons vs random Amazon balloons – so choose wisely!

Another form of party decor was our signage! I found a large fairy customizable ‘Welcome to Lucy and Winnie’s Fairylandbanner on Etsy that made a visual statement under our balloon garland. I ordered it and the shop added the girls’ names and then sent me the digital file. I ordered four signs from the same shop: ‘Welcome Fairies’, ‘Fairy Wings’, ‘Fairy Wands’ and ‘Magical Treats’. From there, I uploaded all of the digital files to Walgreens to get them printed. The custom ‘Welcome to Lucy and Winnie’s Fairyland’ was printed as a 2×8″ banner and the other four signs were printed as 16×20″ posters. Walgreens ALWAYS has photo deals, so don’t forget to Google ‘Walgreens photo deals’ to find current discount codes before placing your order. We covered foam boards with pink wrapping paper and then taped the fairy signs to the foam board.

In terms of other decor, I hung a few fun banners/garlands! This Fairy Garland was absolutely incredible and had the cutest mix of greenery, fairies, and pop-up mushrooms. I hung one on our family room fireplace and the other on our living room fireplace. I’ve had this Happy Birthday Garland since Lucy’s first birthday and always hang it up around birthdays. During the party, I hung this one on our guest room fireplace. I  found this Have a Magical Day Garland at HomeGoods a few months ago and hung that up above the guest bed.

I  also decided to order some festive Frame TV art. This Spring Flower Frame TV Art was a $2 download from Etsy and was perfect for the party!


We really leaned into an art theme for the fairy party, and it seemed like all the kids had so much fun with it!

In the living room, we had a special ‘fairy wings’ wall! My mom somehow put together this vine-like backdrop using wrapping paper (!?) and I hung Fairy Wings on Command hooks. Each kid could grab a fairy wing to wear or take home! Some kids chose to decorate their wings with art supplies.

The guest room was the main art area. I used our Lalo Play Kit (table and chair set) and borrowed a friend’s kids’ table and chairs so we had plenty of seating! I also ordered two fold-up camping tables for more table space – it was low enough to the ground for kids to just sit on the floor there. These are great because they fold up really flat/small so can be tucked away when not being used – win/win! I went to this amazing local nonprofit, Turnip Green Creative Reuse, before the party and found these sage green leather scraps that I  used as tablecloths for the art tables. They were somehow the perfect size and color – such a win! They literally look and feel like Gathre mats.

We had a DIY fairy wand station, which the kids LOVED! I bought these DIY Wooden Wands that came in a couple of shapes and also included some gems and ribbons. I  also set aside dot markers, these cute Mini Fairy Stickers, and lots of gems and ribbons (found more from Turnip Green Creative Reuse, but could also be purchased at a craft store).

I also bought this Fairy Garden Coloring Sheet from the same company I  ordered the signage from and printed them off at home. I  set out dot markers, crayons, regular markers, etc. for the kids to color. In the art area, we also had Woodland Fairy Animal Tattoos (here’s another cute Fairy Tattoos option.

All kids got to go home with their own wings, wands, and some extra sheets of tattoos and stickers! We also had a bounce house in the backyard, which is always a huge hit with the kids!


My mom did all the food and I’m so grateful for all of her help! The ‘festive’ food item was the strawberry mushrooms! My mom made these by putting a marshmallow and strawberry on a small skewer and adding dots to the strawberry with white icing. She took styrofoam balls and cut them in half and covered them with kale to act as the base for the ‘mushrooms.’ They were SO cute and a huge hit with the kids! 🍓🍄 We also had large fruit platters, veggie platters with hummus/dip, a cheese and cracker board (on my beloved wooden lazy susan), a simple salad, and two types of (absolutely delicious) cheese sliders, chips, pretzels, and applesauce pouches.

On the food table, I put down this pretty rose pink cheesecloth table runner and used these Large Fairy Dinner Plates. My mom brought and used these gorgeous vintage sage green platters that sort of looked like lily pads/leaves that matched the theme perfectly, too!


For every birthday, we grab a cake from Whole Foods and usually try to do a custom cake! Check out the custom cakes we’ve had done for Winnie’s 1st birthday and Lucy’s 1st birthday party! The custom cake for the fairy party BLEW ME AWAY! 🧚🏻‍♀️🎂 It was so perfect and on theme – I am just obsessed with how it turned out!

Here’s how I place custom cake orders at Whole Foods and some other info about custom cakes:

  • I either go in person or call the Whole Foods bakery and ask to order a custom cake for pickup. They’ll share the options (size, shape, flavor, filling, frosting, etc) and I select what I’m looking for. I usually do a vanilla cake with buttercream frosting.
  • Then I ask if I can text or email the cake decorator photos for color/style inspiration. Sometimes I’ll send a mood board and/or photos of party decor (which is what I did for this fairy cake 🧚🎂) and sometimes it’s a cake photo I like from Pinterest. I also let them know if I’ll be adding a cake topper or not, so they know to keep the top of the cake simple or not.
  • Prices will vary by cake size and type, location, etc. But this cake cost $30 (!!!).
  • Not all Whole Foods locations offer custom cakes, but it’s worth calling to ask if your store does! I’ve ordered from both the Green Hills and Broadway locations in Nashville.

When we do joint birthday parties, I  like to have small individual cakes so the girls can each blow out candles on their own cake. This is my second time buying these small $8 sprinkle cakes which worked perfectly! Each of the mini cakes had a Gold Candle in it.

I used these Fairy Cake Toppers for the top of the cake. On the dessert table, I set out these cute Fairy Mushroom Plates with these Scalloped Napkins from Amazon. Here are some other festive napkins you could use for a fairy party: Large Fairy Napkins and Mushroom Napkins.


Lucy and Winnie had so much fun at this party and really had SO much fun!  It really was SO special to get to bring this party to life for and with the girls. I found these fairy-inspired dresses (Lucy’s Pink Dress and Winnie’s Green Dress) for the girls – perfect for twirling! My sister Katie did their hair and added hair glitter and it looked SO cute.


Note: I’ve included additional party items we didn’t use, but that are still ‘on the theme’ for this party. The products we didn’t use have an asterisk next to them.


Fairy Mushroom Plates

Large Fairy Dinner Plates

Scalloped Napkins

Large Fairy Napkins*

Mushroom Napkins*

Fairy Cups*

Gold Candle (I  bought the ‘4’ and the ‘6’)

Mushroom Candles*

Set of 2 Rose Pink Cheesecloth Table Runners


Fairy Cake Toppers (Set of 7)

‘Welcome to Lucy and Winnie’s Fairyland’ Custom Banner

‘Welcome Fairies’ Sign

‘Fairy Wings’ Sign

‘Fairy Wands’ Sign

‘Magical Treats’ Sign

Fairy Garland

Happy Birthday Garland

Have a Magical Day Garland

Mushroom Decor*

Spring Flower Frame TV Art


Balloon Garland Kit

Balloon Hand Pump

Balloon Electric Pump


Fairy Wings

DIY Wooden Wands (comes with gems + ribbons)

Mini Fairy Stickers

Fairy Garden Coloring Sheet

Woodland Fairy Animal Tattoos

Fairy Tattoos*

Kids Table + Chair Set

Fold-Up Camping Tables

Leather Mats from Turnip Green Creative Reuse (similar to Gathre mats)


Lucy’s Pink Dress

Winnie’s Green Dress


Lucy’s 5th Birthday Cheetah Party!

Lucy and Winnie’s Puppy Party!

Winnie’s 1st Birthday (Blueberry Narwhal Theme)

Lucy’s 1st Birthday Party (Rainbow + Sunshine Theme)


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