FWD: Couldn’t Do Without

Rereading my blog from last summer and really enjoyed this post. Thought I’d share it again because it was a quick refresher on why I need to appreciate my life everyday. I love how so many things that I “couldn’t do without” last summer are still constant this summer. The post is below:

June 14, 2009 : I’m feeling grateful lately, so I wanted to list things and people that I couldn’t live without, that make my life happier and sweeter!

  • My mom, her unconditional love for me, radiant energy, chaotic “organizational skills” and her ability to make the little messed up things fixable.
  • Headbands, I usually wear four or so each week, to make me feel calm and relaxed and to cover up “hair issues” I usually have.
  • Texting, all the time…usually to my sister Katie or my grandpa (who I taught to text in return for “dating advice”)
  • Ohio University. I can’t imagine going to school anywhere else. I have met perfect friends, had great professors, and I love my major. I am so happy here and have so many opportunities to have the best future I can.
  • Smoothies, I just had one and I’m already craving another?
  • Twitter, way better than Facebook.
  • Hilarious memories and inside jokes.
  • Pittsburgh Penguins! Currently on the TV right now…I wish I could be at the game! But they are always fun to watch, and the fans are the best and EVERYWHERE. Most fun to watch with everyone at school and obviously I love Letang and Crosby.
  • Exploring…which I want to do a lot of this summer in DC
  • Gmail chat, which recently is the new form of communication I have with my 12-year-old sister Hope.
  • Lattes; Starbucks is my weakness.
  • Jewelry: the basics: lots of earrings, three rings, bracelets and bangles, and recently the necklace from Erin for Christmas that I haven’t taken off.
  • Naps!
  • Scarves in the winter.
  • My little sisters, Kerry, Katie and Hope. The craziness, drama, loudness, great memories and love. I hope it continues for a long time.
  • Song lyrics, usually comparing them to my life, but often writing them down, copying them, singing them, studying and quoting them
  • My camera, despite having to by like six in three years. I love taking pictures of everything!
  • Gossip Girl episodes/outfit stalking/quoting, thanks to Sam. XOXO
  • Independence. Maybe it’s being in DC this summer, but also July 4th is my favorite holiday and I love America and being free!
  • Shopping; best if done when I’m not having a terrible day and trying to “fix” it through buying something.
  • My roommates this year Tess and Sam. From the HILARIOUS weekends to cozy movie nights to depressing all-night study sessions to simply sitting around, I couldn’t ask for greater people to always be there for me, listen to me and support me. I hope I do the same to them!
  • Blaring music. REALLY loud.
  • Panera. The You Pick Two combo was probably the greatest lunch invention in the world.
  • Flowers, for display or in the hair.
  • My dad’s obsession with sports and somehow turning me into a fan of whatever team he likes. The yelling and passion he has for the games just makes me smile and laugh.
  • Pretty much my whole family in general.
  • Tetris, the website I am on for about 4 hours every time I go to work at the rink.
  • Roadtrips, with people I love and laugh the most with!
  • The beach and sunshine. Nothing beats the feeling of running onto the sand into the ocean when it’s very hot outside and you are ready for some relaxation!
  • SUMMER! Because it’s beautiful and a refreshing break from school and cold weather. So enjoy yours 🙂 And keep reading about mine!

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