FWD: What Fathers Day means to me

This was a post from a short blog I kept last summer while I lived in DC. It made me smile today rereading all of the reasons why I appreciate my dad! Absolutely everything I posted last year is how I feel now, but I feel like I have a deeper level of respect and love for my dad now that I am a year older. Enjoy!

He's happier than he looks in this picture!

June 22, 2009
What Fathers Day means to me
All day today, I saw families together spending Fathers Day. I think this might be the first Fathers Day that I’m actually not spending with my dad in person. So, while metro-ing back to my house, I wrote down a few reasons I appreciate and love my dad. Happy Fathers Day Daddy! Miss you!
■Because of way he acts around Christmas time. I don’t know if it really is his favorite holiday, but I always like how he takes the time to decorate the house and had such a good time (despite screaming at each other for a quick second) when Dad and I hung the lights outside of our house this past Christmas
■Because my dad is way more practical than I am, in every way…and usually snaps me back to reality
■Because he taught me the value of hard work and continues to show it to me
■Because he would do anything for me
■Because he never complains about having no boys in the house and pretty much living in a drama-packed sorority house with my sisters and I
■Because he is always willing to pick me up from school, even though it means he will be driving about 9 hours in one day…and then need to do the same thing 2 days later
■Because he gives me chances to start over. If I disappoint him, in time, he gives me a fresh chance to change
■Because he has a New York accent…words like: horses, bagel, donkey, window, pajamas, car…the list goes on.
■Because even when I decide to do something he wouldn’t do, he supports and loves me anyway
■Because he always gets his way when “arguing”, for example, convincing Verizon it wasn’t my fault that 7 of my cell phones broke in one year
■Because he is protective. I know I complained about in when I was sixteen, but it really is an awesome thing
■Because he loves me unconditionally
This quote reminded me of the countless trips to malls we drag him too and wish I would have included it in the Fathers day card “It is admirable for a man to take his son fishing, but there is a special place in heaven for the father who takes his daughter shopping.”
– John Sinor

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