lucy and winnie’s shared nursery

Hi friends! Last fall I shared a blog post with photos of Lucy’s room before we added the second crib! Today, I wanted to share the girls room with both cribs and what it looks like now! This room has always been my favorite in our house. It gets the prettiest afternoon light and just feels so happy and FUN.

My ‘goal’ for this room was for it to be inviting, playful, colorful and uniquely a kids space. I  didn’t want to take the room too seriously and wanted it to feel cozy, bright, and somewhere we all wanted to be. We are in here all the time, so I’d say it’s been a success! I also love that so many elements of this room were in our first home together in San Francisco, reminding me of that special chapter in our lives!

We’ve had the Stokke crib since we lived in San Francisco, but when we moved here, we bought the extensions to transition it from a mini crib to a full-size crib. I knew I wanted to have two cribs in here, so went on a Facebook Marketplace hunt to find a second Stokke crib. Somehow I  was able to find one in Michigan, and my dad drove two hours to go pick up it up for me. BEST EVER! The two cribs in this room on either side of the window is SUCH a sweet view! I  know these cribs are not cheap, but they are well worth the price and have held up beautifully. I love that they are transitional and worked for us in our 1 bedroom apartment (with closet nursery) and in our home now. Eventually, we will take the middle slats off of Lucy’s crib to transition it to a “big kids” bed. Brilliant!

The pom pom mobile hanging above Lucy’s crib was also in our SF apartment, and I  wanted to incorporate it into this space, too. I found this rug and it was the PERFECT compliment to the mobile. The rug is colorful and fun without being too overwhelming or busy, if that makes sense! We’ve had the rug for almost two years now. The dresser/changing table was something I  found on the side of the road almost ten years ago in SF! We sanded and stripped it down and swapped out the knobs. I  love that this is a piece in our home that’s been with me for so long, and has survived the many different ‘phases’ of my life. It works perfectly as a dresser for the girls and as a changing table. We keep this changing pad on top, which we’ve also had for years, and is so easy to wipe down! I  keep two fringe baskets under the dresser to store trains and blocks!

We have a white utility cart next to the dresser where we keep all of the diapers, wipes, burp cloths, and other random baby/kids things. This is something I  first did in SF when we were really limited on space, but ended up continuing to use it for this purpose here in Nashville too. Since the dresser only have two drawers, this has been super helpful to have here!

We have a little reading corner with our rocker and bookshelf with baskets of books underneath. The bookshelves are actually IKEA photo ledges, and like most things in this room, also were in the closet nursery! I  love that the rocker has a tall back (which E really appreciates since he is so tall!) and has a modern shape. I  do need to clean it because there’s coffee/milk/wine stains and I’ve been too lazy to actually treat them – oops. Under the window we have this storage bench which comes with a pretty gross colored cushion; I  just wrapped the cushion in a quilt! The storage bench has been great for storing Lucy’s toys (in these simple wooden bins) and doubling as Jack’s own personal window perch. The pillows are from our travels, plus one Target one!

I’ve eyed this fringe chandelier for years and finally ordered it — I LOVE how it adds a slightly bohemian vibe to the room. My mom picked out these cute smocked curtains and we hung them on brass curtain rods with brass rings. Too short curtains are a no-go, so the rings help make the curtains reach the floor.

In terms of art, we started with this pink bird print from a few years ago and then I based the other selections off of that! Above the changing area, I did a gallery wall mixing natural wood, white, and black frames with whimsical and colorful art. The largest center print is a pink and blue ocean scene, and the rest of a mix of typography (you can do hard things quote), abstract (this pink one), and what I’d just call modern/colorful options (strawberry print and the rainbow print and the snow leopard print). I hung this pink San Francisco print over Winnie’s crib!

I thought I  had a blog post about closet organization but realized I  didn’t share one! Here’s a photo of the inside of the closet! Eric built shelves to make this space work a whole lot better for us!

Here’s some more photos, and you can shop all of the product sources below! Thanks for reading!


ART “Strawberry”
ART “Guilietta” 
ART “You Can Do Hard Things” 
ART “Snow Leopard” 
ART “Rainbow & Clouds” 
ART “Secret Cove” 
ART “I Love San Francisco”
POM POM WALL ART (no longer available)
ANIMAL HEADS (various from Target)





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