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Hi there! We recently made some big decor changes to our backyard greenhouse and I wanted to share! A little backstory on the greenhouse for you first! We bought our house in October 2018 and this space used to be a falling-apart, termite-filled garage. In November, E had the idea to tear it down and turn it into a backyard greenhouse. Our greenhouse is made out of recycled windows and doors we found in our neighborhood! The project wrapped up in April/May 2019 and for about a year, we used it solely as a functional greenhouse space. Plants only, really. Last spring, we decided to make it a little more homey and comfy — an extended living space (and also functional greenhouse). We added a side deck and outdoor dining area and actually started renting our our greenhouse for photo shoots!

Decor wise, the first thing we did a few months ago was hang this rattan swing front and center when you walk into the greenhouse. We’ve had this rattan daybed for awhile now and it’s lived in both our family and living rooms, but recently, we moved it out to the greenhouse. It’s SO dreamy in here and a perfect spot to lounge and read a book in this lush space. On our side patio / dining space, we have this concrete pedestal table with four of these super unique chairs. Most recently, we added a rug inside the greenhouse and this large round rattan bookcase. The bookcase really makes the space feel more like a living space! We have cute vignettes of books and photos but mostly, use the bookcase for plants!

The greenhouse really is E’s space — he is the plant mastermind and so this is his own oasis. But really – the whole family uses it. I often come out here to work or lounge during the girls’ naptime, we will have wine out here after they go to bed, and we often have greenhouse dance parties in here too! It’s been really fun to see how the space has transformed and we are so grateful for this little pocket of plant heaven right in our backyard! Also – if you’re not following @eastnashgreenhouse by now, you should be!

Thanks for reading!


Hanging Rattan Chair
Concrete Outdoor Dining Table
Outdoor Dining Chairs
Floor Cushions
Area Rug
Rattan Daybed
Round Bookcase


White Planter with Natural Wood Base
Striped Pedestal Planter
Small Light Blue and Terracotta Planter
Speckled Ribbed Vase
Faux Pampas Grass
White and Wood Watering Can


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