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Exercise - Lorna Jane

hi friends! i definitely wouldn’t describe myself as an athletic person, but i am someone who is active. i bike to work {5 miles roundtrip} almost every day, i frequently walk places rather than take public transit and i work out 4-5 days/week. i don’t like focusing on a fitness goal like losing weight or to get a six-pack {although both would be nice!}, but instead on just by being there and doing the workout. i can always tell when i need a good workout because i just feel off. anyone else? working out or doing a class at a studio simply makes me feel better – physically, emotionally and mentally.

i’ve been using classpass for a few months and i love it! for $99, you get unlimited classes at studios and gyms in your area. you can also work out in other cities that have classpass too. with classpass, i’ve been able to break out of my routine of swimming, elliptical and pilates and try so many new things. it’s been really fun, challenging and a cool way to explore new parts of the city when visiting new gyms and studios.

today i’m sharing my favorite gyms and studios to work out in san francisco! and conveinently, they are all on CP! if you live in SF, highly recommend booking a class at one of these spots. what’s your go-to or favorite type of workout?

mighty pilates {laurel heights} – i do the social media & blogger partnerships at this pilates so i’m a little biased, but have been told by lots of people it’s the best pilates in the city
pilates pro works {marina & financial district} – i like the 40 minute class! it’s a super hard, amazing workout in less time than a regular class.
mint studios {soma} – this studio is beautiful and i love classes here! highly recommend.

core40 {soma} – full body workout on a crazy intense reformer. i’m still sore 3 days later…
move-sf {pacific heights} – amazing spot in my old ‘hood! classes are circuit strength training and you rotate between high-intensity workouts throughout class quickly.
body mechanix {soma & other locations throughout the city} – this is a bootcamp style strength class where you do a lot of burpees, weight lifting, battle ropes, etc. it’s intense but really awesome.

avant barre {soma} – amazing barre studio; everyone is so nice, their social media presence is amazing and the classes are super tough!
cardio barre {hayes valley} – my go-to barre studio! great workout and mixes barre with cardio and strength exercises.

burn {hayes valley & other locations throughout the city} – this is my current favorite workout spot! it’s a mix of pilates, weights & cardio
elevate group fitness {hayes valley} –  mix of pilates, yoga & resistance training
barry’s bootcamp {soma} – mix of cardio & strength — so intense and awesome. you’ll totally get in the barry’s vibe once you’re in class.

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