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After reading one of my favorite posts about headbands from FSU Fashion Girl (thanks Chandra!), I knew it was time for me to blog about my absolute favorite go-to item. I wear headbands almost daily (not including the obvious boring headband wraps for working out, washing face, etc.)  I feel like headbands can make a statement about how I’m feeling that day, punch up an outfit a bit more and are always the perfect fix for the inevitable bad hair day.

The increasing popularity of Gossip Girl has fed into the headband-crave and Blair Waldorf’s ever present headband have inspired designers and excited girls of all ages. Also, check out Bella Sugar slideshow “The Many Headbands of Blair Waldorf” here. In a NY Times Style Magazine article, Leighton Meester [who plays the character Blair in GG] states: “But I think the most important part of Blair’s look is her headband, which is like her crown.” So into it.






Blair mania
Close-up on four headbands. From Instyle Magazine June 2010 Hair issue

While my Gossip Girl obsession and the constant flow of new headbands at Forever 21 has fueled my headband addiction, I’ve been rocking them (although looking back–not so proudly) for a really long time. High school pics:

Cheerleading might have been a big headband “push” because we were constantly looking for the balance between cute (red w/ white polka dots-RIGHT) and functional (for stunting and tumbling)
Green on green is a little too matchy-matchy for me now, but HEYYY This was 4 yrs ago.
Headband collection (that haven't been stolen from sisters) this morning

Below are some headbands I’ve been craving (lusting) for the fall; most are accepted with some sort of hardware or bling. Black headbands sort of just blend into my hair so having a pop of metal and shine is always a plus.

Jennifer Behr sailor's knot headwrap $172
Jennifer Behr spiked turban headwrap $475
Free People Sunfaded Flower Headband $30 (on sale from $88!)
Forever 21 Mesh Antiquated Headband $8.80 (Finally my price range!)
Forever 21 Beaded Flower Elastic Headband $4.80

Below are pics of a few headband favorites:

Pearl-y thin headband

Blurry. But proud of this $1.50 headband find from WALGREENS
Huge red flower headband worn at Corbie & Mike's wedding
Obzezzed w/ zippers.

Two of my friends in particular are flower-in-the-hair type of girls who constantly are wearing cute and often outrageous headbands or hair accessories. I’ve included pics of my two headband queens Ali & Sam:

Cutest ever.


YESSS “This headband makes me feel like I am wearing a crown. I kind of like that feeling.”
Opening a headband store together. No questions.

Headbands can be purchased from: Jennifer Behr (where most GG headbands are from!), Free People, and  Forever 21. Photo of my beauties are directly from Ali and Sam. What headbands would you wear this fall? Have a great Tuesday queens!

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2 thoughts on “Headband Crave

  1. Thanks for the shout out! I love headbands – definitely the perfect accessory & the perfect way to hide a bad hair day. 🙂

    Jennifer Behr was at Teen Vogue Fashion University last year – I almost died when I found out but unfortunately, her seminar filled up FAST so I couldn’t get in. I still want to know what fabulous headbands she brought with her.