Healthy Living Tips – A Giveaway with Aerie

Here is today’s FITness Friday post with Aerie!

While physical fitness is important, we think that a healthy lifestyle is even more key for a happier life, from the inside out. Healthy living involves more than just a trip to the gym; it covers all aspects of life – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and relational. This week’s Aerie FIT outfit is the feather tank, equally perfect for the gym or a trip to the beach with your friends. Here’s a few fitness and healthy living tips to kickoff the weekend!

1. Surround yourself with healthy living inspiration. Leave Post-It notes in your bedroom, bathroom, workspace and everywhere else reminding yourself what you love about yourself. Write out quotes that make you feel good or something you are proud of. Check out Operation Beautiful for fun Post-It note ideas!

2. Make it part of your routine. It’s easy to hit the gym when it’s a part of your routine, just like brushing your teeth is. Try to go to the gym or do your workout at the same time each day so you get in the habit of working out on a consistent basis.

3. Go outside. While the gym is great, there’s nothing like being in the great outdoors. Some days {and nights} it’s just best to enjoy being outside, especially if you are cooped up inside all day. Take a long walk with a friend or jog around the block. Some cities even offer fitness classes outside. Being outside is also a great way to explore new neighborhoods or a cool park nearby!

4. Switch it up!  You don’t wear the same outfit everyday, do you? Rotate your workouts! Focus on weight training one day and cardio another. Try swimming one day and yoga the next. Take a Zumba class and then go hiking another day. You will enjoy staying active when you are doing lots of different activities. Don’t forget to enjoy rest days as well!

5. Treat yourself every so often. After finishing a good workout, you deserve a reward. Buy yourself a fun accessory or enjoy a cup frozen yogurt {my favorite is cake batter flavor with strawberries, granola and mango}.

Now it’s your turn to share your fitness or healthy living tips! Aerie and I are hosting a fun giveaway offering one lucky Polish My Crown reader a $50 Aerie gift card. There are two ways to enter:

1. Comment on this post sharing one fitness or healthy living tip
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The winner will be selected on Friday, May 4th.
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44 thoughts on “Healthy Living Tips – A Giveaway with Aerie

  1. Find a work out buddy! They’ll hold you accountable and give that extra push when you need it. Having a support group makes it a bit easier x)

  2. Set a goal. Even if it’s something small, you’ll be more motivated to work for it and will have a harder time letting yourself let away with unhealthy living.

  3. Do things one step at a time! Don’t push yourself too hard at first. Take small steps t reach your goal!

  4. Find a friend to go through it with you ! It makes it so much easier.
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  5. Find blogs that inspire you. My favorite running blog right now is — her enthusiasm for running is contagious!!!

  6. Switch it up! I get bored of meals and workouts quickly so I try to switch it up often. I try to make workouts fun and I also make sure I am enjoying my meals instead of just eating meals because they are healthy. I also drink lots of water!

  7. Find some positive music to listen to when you work out! Nothing’s better than getting the endorphins flowing and listening to some uplifting music! It’ll make your workout seem a little less like work, too!

  8. Get off the cardio machines and lift some weights. You don’t need to lift like you want to be a body builder. Sculpt your body–you will look amazing.

  9. Buy local produce. There are less chemicals and you’ll get more vitamins out of something that wasn’t forced to ripen while it was traveling halfway across the world.

  10. make sure to get into the right mind set. do this for you! no one else. exercising to stay healthy is more important than trying to impress.

  11. Change your workout space. If you usually run in a neighborhood try a local park or nature trail. The hills and turns will make your run more work and you’ll run farther because you’ll be paying atteion to the scenery not the distance you’ve ran.

  12. workout first thing in the morning as soon as you get out of bed, so you don’t have time to talk yourself out of it! I’ve found this works better than anything for me! Plus you burn more calories throughout the day when working out first thing!

  13. Start out simple-maybe a mile a day and 50 sit ups. Work your way up gradually each day by running and extra 5 minutes, or adding 5 more sit ups. When you do this consistently over time, it really pays off! Just remember to do it 5-6 days per week. 🙂

  14. make some extra trips up the steps…moving into a place that has an upstair has done wonders for my legs… 😉

  15. Find that healthy living outlet that you just love! For me that’s’s so much fun that it doesn’t feel like an obligated ‘workout’

  16. Forgive yourself! Skipping one workout doesn’t mean you failed. Let your body rest when it needs to and come back the next day with more energy than ever!

  17. If you have small children, try to fit in exercise whenever you can. Walk you kids to school, don’t drive. Do jumping jacks while watching cartoons. Do crunchies while waiting for kids to put their pjs on. More often than not, the kids will join in too!

  18. Work out with your friends! Keep each other motivated! Don’t do diets, just change your eating habits, to healthier choices! If your stressed, try running! Take your dog out for a good run, its healthy for you and your dog will love it!

  19. Write a list of the reasons why it’s important to YOU to be fit & healthy! When you’re feeling discouraged or unmotivated, go back to your own motives & get inspired!

  20. Invest in a reusable water bottle! I have several and they are refilled over and over, so much less wasteful and it helps stop me from drinking soda all the time.

    Treat yourself to fruits and veggies.

    I add cucumber to my water instead of lemon for a more refreshing taste that I can’t get enough of!

    I make sure the people in my life know I love them. I try to send at least one text/facebook message/verbal compliment to someone different every day. You never know whose day you’re going to make.

  21. I drink a lot of green tea which is said to boost your metabolism! It is much better than my morning coffee which was loaded with creamer.

  22. Don’t stress about getting a gym membership this summer. There are so many things you can do yourself at home and outside! Doesn’t hurt to get a little vitamin D into your workout 🙂

  23. “Mistakes are the portals of discovery” – James Joyce
    Push yourself and that mistake may lead to something new.

  24. Set mini-goals along your fitness journey. Make them attainable yet challenging so that you always have something to work towards. This will also give you a great feeling of accomplishment as you try to push yourself further.

  25. 1) Workout before every shower, just 10 push-ups or sit-ups, if you do it often enough you won’t feel ready to take a shower until you workout 2) Not only should one buy organic foods, but learn to cook and cook healthy, do it with your friends. Not only are you cooking for a better you but you’ve made a new fun activity and life skill. 3) Find a quiet place and just listen to the God in you, it can relieve so much which is beneficial to your health also. 4) Learn to love the people, who love you, the way you should love yourself

  26. I set a goal and when I reach it, I give myself a small reward. Maybe it’s a spa day or a cupcake from my favorite bakery. I started setting fitness goals last August and I have lost ten pounds and am now training for a 5k! It really works! 🙂

  27. My tip is to take a little time each morning to do something that you enjoy and that is good for you–mind, soul, or body. Lately I have been listening to a couple of TED talks while getting ready and thinking more creatively throughout the day because of that start.

  28. Some people think that just eating fruits and veggies all the the time is good; it’s not. Try to reward yourself with different foods. As for me I like to try other foods for different countries to have a new experience at things.

  29. Exercise for you. If running isn’t your thing, bike. If biking isn’t your thing, swim. If swimming isn’t your thing, do yoga! Do what you enjoy so that exercise is a thing you can look forward to and not something you resent.