Healthy Snack Ideas

Hi and happy Friday! Thank you to everyone who participated in my giveaway with Bestowed. A big congratulations to the randomly selected winner Jenna {jenna.valdespino[at]}! Jenna, please email me andreateggart[at] with your mailing address and we’ll get your Bestowed box shipped to you. The Bestowed box is definitely a great option when you’re looking to discover and switch up your healthy snack routine. They also recently updated their products featured section so it’s an easy spot to look up ideas before going to the grocery store. On my list: the Health Warrior Chia Bars, ROOTS Superfood Powder and bobbysue’s nuts!

I loved reading what your favorite healthy snacks were and thought everyone else reading would love to get some snack inspiration as well. Thanks again for sharing and I hope these ideas spark some snack creativity this weekend.


Fresh fruit with Greek yogurt -Melissa
Mangoes!!! In both fresh format and dried format. -Tina
Cottage cheese with a drizzle of honey and some fresh fruit!! -Maggie
Cut up veggies! Love the crunch! -Ashley L.
Rice crackers from Trader Joes! -Aimee
Sliced apple with Naturally More peanut butter. -Anna
Greek yogurt with local honey drizzled on top. -Jaclyn
Trail mix is a favorite loaded with dried fruits and nuts! Yum! -Raymond
Carrots -Meghan
Organic medjool dates is a yummy snack and so juicy and sweet from the farmer’s market! -Renata
Mine is simply — strawberries! -Jenna
Celery Sticks dipped in Almond Butter is delicious! -Georgiana
Cottage cheese! And edamame! -Rebecca
Crispy seaweed and tomatoes! -Cat
Apples with organic peanut butter are definitely my jam right now! I’m also a really big fan of granola mixes. -Lindsey
I love hummus and veggies! -Calli
A banana with some almond butter. -Madeline
Apple with peanut butter -Reegan
My favortie healthy snacks these days are either carrots and hummus, or cold watermelon straight from the fridge. -Emily
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