Hi everyone!

Hey! I’m nervous, but here it goes…the first post ever. I feel like I am constantly reading blogs and I’ve dabbled with a few of my own blogs (what up Xanga?)—but I have a  lot of expectations & ideas  for this blog. The reason I’m calling this blog “Polish my crown”  is a combined mix of a situations and stories that have influenced why I think it’s necessary and important to treat yourself like the queen you are.

A few years ago, my aunt told me that I needed to treat myself with a high level of respect and dignity and said if I didn’t view myself like a queen, no one else would. Setting the standard pretty high, eh?  Buuuut, this blog isn’t all serious and deep (at all)….my best friend Paige and I decided to call each other queens after making the brilliant realization that we needed to change our reactions to unnecessary drama (mostly from the opposite sex) in our lives.

We would picture messages images like this to each other!

Then began an ongoing “joke” about how we are queens and shouldn’t have to be dealing with certain situations.  Whenever we needed a pick-me-up or were actually feeling bad/sad, we just needed a little “crown polishing.” Sounds sort of silly and corny, but whatevvvvv. In a nutshell, that is why I decided to name the blog Polish My Crown.

This blog is not going to be all about me…(because that would be super boring). It will not a blog about “why my life is awesome” or anything of the sort. That is NOT AT ALL what I mean by the queen crown references or titles.. I want to post videos, stories, pictures, quotes and anything else  that inspires me, confuses me, makes me happy and/or anything else that adds to the thrill of everyday life. I want this blog to reflect why it’s important to laugh at certain situations and why it’s important to learn from all situations. I choose to remain positive, even when I’m feeling pretty low and a little “crown polishing” never hurt anyone.

I hope you enjoy reading why I choose to polish my crown on a regular basis and why I am happy finding inspiration in my everyday life. Love youuuu already!

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