I Am From, Part 2

I am from the dandelions in the field and daisies on the dining room table and lilacs lining the curb

I am from the days that turned to nights and nights that turned into days

I am from “She laughs with no fear of the future”

I am from Relay for Life’s during junior high and high school. Lots of laps in the park to support a good cause, to remember a better friend.

I am from the little brown house on Eisenhower Drive and the big white Victorian on Main Street and the medium-sized tan house on Revere Drive

I am from shame and guilt, but more importantly from grace that washes it all away

I am from prayer journals

I am from a childhood bedroom with a light blue ceiling and painted clouds

I am from obstacles that turned into opportunities

I remember 4:30 dinners in Bromley.

I am from “Tour de Franzias” and summer bike rides.

I am from an afternoon swinging in my backyard. Kerry was wearing a blue baseball-inspired dress, Katie was wearing a bright red dress.

I am from awkward text messages on my first road trip to Athens before freshmen year, excited and nervous to meet my new roommate {and now best friend}

I am from Chester, Nikita, Millie, Lucky, Max and Rugby – our family dogs since I was a little girl

I am from “It’s more important to be nice than to be funny” and “It’s more important to be kind than it is to be cool.”

I am from my friend Rachel, who crawled into my tent, hugged me, cried with me and she told me exactly what I needed to hear: “I know how you feel. I love you.” after my grandpa Teggart passed away.

I am from extremely competitive Easter egg hunts

I am from a clan of cousins – Wally, Steve, Josh, Erin, Tim, TJ, Todd, Caleb, Missi, Patrick, Mikey, Rosie, Kevin to name a few

I am from to-do lists and Post-It notes and Lily Pulitzer agendas

I am from daydreams and dreams turning to reality.

I am from Irish oldies music and worship music and everything else we listened to in the car with dad and mom, respectively

I am from long afternoons spent on the trampoline; jumping and jumping and jumping as high as I could or just sitting in the sun finishing some homework

I am from brown hair, black hair, blonde hair and now red hair. I am from a fearless view on hair color

I am from sister sleepovers, popcorn, the same movies over and over, comfort.

I am from the waves in the Atlantic Ocean, jumping and coughing saltwater while laughing hysterically

I am from porch swings, long walks, a hot cup of tea, the perfect end to a summer evening

I am from 5-year-old me waking up for Barney at 8 am on TV, and always watching womens aerobics beforehand

I am from years that feel like a blur, 23 of them to be exact

I am from big cities and small towns and the best of both worlds

I am from Steeler Sundays and trips to the Crystal at 2 in the afternoon and lots of ridiculousness

I am from numbness that comes from pain that comes from a broken heart and absolutely no clear idea of what to do next

I am from long walks down the lane and wading in the creeks and hide-and-seek in the cornfield

I am from a jittery, but exciting graduation speech in high school

I am from wonder and imagination

I am from the third floor boys from Cincinnati who took care of me

I am from lots and lots of laughter, few but mighty tears.

I am from childhood innocence and simplicity.

I am from “And I’ll do anythin’ you ever dreamed to be complete, little pieces of the nothin’ that fall.”

I am from a God that writes new pages on my messy life each and every day, a God who is in the business of transforming the bad to good.

I am from joy and mercies that are new every morning.

polish my crown

I previously shared an I Am From post and thought I’d share another one. Where are you from, friend? Do share!

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