i’m engaged!!!

andi teggart engagement ring

i’m so excited to share that i’m engaged! eric and i went to big sur last weekend and he proposed!

last november, eric and i went to big sur for the first time and we watched the sunset at pfeiffer beach. it was such a memorable weekend together so i was super pumped to go back again this year! this past weekend, we drove down to big sur on saturday morning and spent the day exploring, hiking a few trails and drinking coffee together. we had dinner reservations for 7:30pm at big sur bakery so beforehand, planned to watch the sunset back at pfeiffer beach.  it had been raining and kind of cloudy outside so we were both hoping there would even be a sunset {especially because friday night’s sunset was so pretty!}. i didn’t know how much eric was FREAKING OUT about the weather.

the proposal: we first walked really far down the beach to be away from lots of people, put down our blanket and bottle of champagne and wandered the beach for awhile. when we sat back down, eric handed me a journal he originally gave me for my birthday, which i had thought was at my apartment. the notebook is by far the best gift i’ve ever received: it’s a daily update on what we’ve done – our adventures, meals we cooked, people we spent time with since the day we first met. he said he updated the journal while traveling recently with the past few months of adventures, but he wanted me to read the last page first. it was a very sweet letter about me, us, our relationship and when i finished the note, he was on one knee with the ring! i laughed and was so excited, then said immediately YES! and then started crying. and was thinking about how funny it was that i was wearing a beanie and so bundled up {and had been wearing a cute outfit the night before ha!}. eric actually captured all of it on his gopro – which i still need to see!

we then spent a lot of time before dinner calling and texting our family and friends. dinner was so tasty and i woke up the next morning super early because it felt like christmas morning – i was too excited to sleep! on sunday night, about 20 of our closest friends in sf came together to celebrate our engagement and drink champagne! it was such a special night and both e and i are so thankful to be surrounded by so many awesome and loving people. i loved that we were able to celebrate alone all weekend and end the weekend celebrating with so many friends – we’re pumped to celebrate with our families and ohio/southern california friends in a few weeks!

THANK YOU to everyone for your super sweet texts, phone calls, emails, Instagram/Facebook posts, everything. eric and i feel so loved and supported. my heart is so full! xo

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3 thoughts on “i’m engaged!!!

  1. thank you for always sharing your story candidly & positively. you uplift me and i’m sure tons of other readers and give me hope for my own future, haha! : )

    ps. i’ll never forget how you helped me – a total stranger – via email with an uncomfortable friend situation i was having a couple years back. perhaps meaningless and forgotten by you but very appreciated by me.