i’m heading to scandinavia!

quick life update! i’m taking off for a spontaneous trip to europe FRIDAY! i’m heading to scandinavia and will be visiting oslo and bergen in norway, copenhagen, denmark and stockholm, sweden. i’m super excited about the adventure! scandinavia was never one of those places that i was dying to visit but decided to go somewhere interesting and totally new/different from where i’ve been before. i’ve only been to europe twice {paris and barcelona} so really looking forward to heading back. also: norwegian air flies direct to a few places in scandinavia so no layovers! very thrilled about that.

have you been? would LOVE any recommendations on things to do/places to explore/spots to visit for dinner, coffee, etc. i’ve been curating cool things to do and places to visit on pinterest the past week or so. i won’t be posting on polish my crown, so follow my adventures on instagram @luckyandi!

{copenhagen image here}

4 thoughts on “i’m heading to scandinavia!

  1. SO JEALOUS! Have a wonderful trip! I’m wondering how it was so last-minute. I’ve never been but am definitely of Scandinavian heritage. That combined with how beautiful Norway and Sweden look…it’s high up on my bucket list!

    1. Hi Traci! Will definitely be sharing lots of photos! Right after I put in my 2 weeks notice at work, I booked. I was looking at other places in Europe but was intrigued by this area AND found a non-stop flight!

  2. Hey, i’m actually from scandinavia! A quick tip: if you are in copenhagen and have some extra time, head over to malmö, sweden! Lots to do there too and it’s just a 30 min trainride over the bridge 🙂 (about 10 bucks one way)

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