I’m Not Making New Year’s Resolutions.

I’m not making New Year’s Resolutions this year. Things like losing weight, organizing my finances, spending more time with family and friends of course ran through my mind. For me personally, the word “resolution” is dooming me to fail because it focuses on what I need to change or do better. Instead, I’m choosing to have goals for the upcoming year, rather than resolutions. Here are the key differences for me:

  • A resolution is a vow or promise. A goal is a target.
  • A resolution is short-term. A goal is long-term.
  • A resolution is something you want to do or change. A goal is something you are pressing towards.

One article titled Make Goals Not Resolutions states you need to “follow the fun” to find the difference. The fun part about goals is when they are completed and accomplished {Goal: finding a job before June. Fun part: WHEN you find the job and land it.}. The end is when you are super excited! The fun part about a resolution is the announcement {“I’m going to spend time with family and friends more this year!”}

Goals need enforcement, publicity and accountability. When other people pressure you to pursue your goals, or even KNOW that you are trying to pursue your goals, you will be more likely to attain the goals. Having people in your life who know what you are trying to accomplish and support you will make pursuing your goals so much easier. It’s also easier when you surround yourself with others who are also looking to accomplish their own goals.

I’ve learned the importance of visualizing what I want to happen in the upcoming year and then placing myself in the mental, physical and social environment(s) that lead to success.  The same article reads: When people took the time to visualize exactly when and where they would do what they needed to do, they met their goals. Every year I’ve done a half@$$ job of thinking of last-minute New Year’s resolutions that always, always, always, are forgotten by the end of January. This year, I’m determined to set goals—both realistic and “out there”—that I want to see happen.

When you break a resolution, it’s done and over with. When you haven’t reached your goal yet, you are still in progress and pressing towards whatever you set out to do. There’s nothing wrong with trying to change something about yourself or your lifestyle, but viewing the change as a goal, rather than a resolution, is a more proactive and optimistic route toward fulfillment.

Here’s to pursuing goals and dreams wholeheartedly and confidently. Cheers!

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