Introducing My NEW Textile Collection!

I have some exciting news! 🎉

I’ve always loved collecting textiles from my travels, and my recent trip to Morocco was no exception. After wandering the souk in Marrakesh and picking out items for our own home, I had the idea to curate and share my love of textiles with others. So, I decided to launch a little creative project – a textile collection, selling one-of-a-kind, Moroccan wool pillows that have been hand-picked by me. All of the pillows are sold at

Here’s a bunch of information about the pillows and my shop! I’ve always loved having unique, one-of-a-kind items in our home, and while I love a good Target throw pillow, there’s something really cool about having a unique, authentic decor piece instead. I love how these pillows add a pop of color, texture and depth to any space – whether on a lounge chair, couch, or bed. They look great on their own, but even better when paired with a similarly patterned or colored pillow. Honestly, part of me wants to hoard all of the pillows for our own house, but they are too good NOT to share! 💛


  •  There are 52 pillows in my collection
  •  The majority of pillows are Moroccan kilim pillows made from vintage wool rugs. I have a small selection of Moroccan cactus silk pillows too!
  •  I have lots of different colors and patterns, ranging from pinks/purples to yellows/oranges/reds to more neutral dark greens/browns/blacks
  • Pillows can also be filtered on the shop page by square or lumbar 
  • As every pillow is handmade, slight imperfections may be present.
  • All pillows have a zip closure
  • Pillows will range from $55 – $65.


  • Your purchase is for the pillow cover; the insert is not included! I link to pillow inserts on Amazon on every product page.
  • Your pillow inserts should be 1-2 inches BIGGER than the pillow itself. For example, a 17×17 pillow would look best with an 18×18 or 19×19 insert.
  • On every product page, I share a recommended pillow insert size for that specific pillow…hope this makes it super easy for you!
  • A few other great spots for inserts are IKEA ($) and Crate & Barrel ($$)


  • Shipping is $5 per order
  • All images are taken by me just on my iPhone. Nothing fancy but hopefully give you a really good idea of what they truly look like!
  • On each product page you will see photos of the pillow on a bed and also a lounge chair – hopefully this helps you contextualize how it would look in an area of your home. I also show unedited photos of the front and back of each pillow.
  • This is a new project for me and my first time diving into e-commerce! Thanks for your patience with me!

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