Join me for Happier’s Everyday Grateful Course!


Happy New Year, queens! In the midst of the holidays and travel, I forgot to share with you earlier that I’ll be doing a 21-day Everyday Grateful Course with the team at Happier beginning Monday, January 6. Happier is one of my favorite mobile apps that acts as a happiness journal. The Everyday Grateful Course is hosted by Happier CEO and founder Nataly Kogan, and is designed to help build a daily gratitude habit and more positive, optimistic and less stressed life. Thankfulness is something that’s super important to me, so I’m excited to kick off 2014 with the course to start the year on the right note. I’m hoping the course helps me really get in the habit this year of recognizing and appreciating things I’m happy about and take a few moments each day to reflect on what I’m grateful for. I will be sharing bits and pieces of what I’m learning from the course on my blog throughout the month of January.

Now the super exciting part! I’m inviting one Polish My Crown reader to join me for the course {$50 value}! I’m super stoked about the course, and think it’s an awesome way to start the year with a gratitude and happiness-focused mindset. I promise you won’t be disappointed by the course!

How to enter: all you have to do is comment below listing one thing you’re grateful for and/or makes you happy. You can enter one time per day and I’ll be selecting a winner on Sunday, January 5. From there, you’ll be able to join the Everyday Grateful Course – all of the details are below!

Timing: the Everyday Grateful Course kicks off on Monday, January 6 and only takes a few minutes each day. Every day, you will receive a simple and fun task and also receive inspiring videos, stories and content you can read at your own leisure.

Logistics: the daily tasks will come via text message throughout the course. You’ll also receive emails throughout the three weeks with supplementary ‘happier’ content! The goal of the course is to help you find and practice new ways to make gratitude part of your daily life. Every day you’ll be asked to do a fun and simple task, from finding something in your day to appreciate to creating your own gratitude ritual.

Make Your Life Happier Kit: along with the daily updates and gratitude tasks, Happier will send you a Make Your Life Happier Kit. This kit includes a custom-designed gratitude journal, pack of “you’re awesome” cards to give away, Happier stickers, two quote magnets and a bracelet.

I’m excited to hear from you guys about what you’re grateful for and to join the course with one of you!

You can download the Happier app here and learn more about the course here. I shared about my experience with the Happier app in this blog post.


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11 thoughts on “Join me for Happier’s Everyday Grateful Course!

  1. I am grateful for all the opportunities that I have in my life. I am thankful for being able to make so many choices.

    Thanks for the opportunity to let us join the Everyday Grateful Course!

  2. I am grateful for the relationships I’ve been able to grow across the country. I’ve moved many times and I always seem to find really great people (after a while of course) who help me through!

  3. I am grateful for my health. I have never been healthier than I am now. I have been able to make positive changes in my life which has led me to be able to get off four of the meds I was taking for anxiety.

  4. I’m grateful for blogs! I see so many inspiring, interesting things everyday in my Feedly.

    That course looks super interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. One thing that makes me irrationally happy is colors that speak to me. I’m really drawn to particular colors and they bring out certain emotions in me. Also, I LOVE Happier!