4 Kids Beach Essentials from Amazon

We recently went on a family vacation to Turks and Caicos and I wanted to share a few items I  ordered for the girls for the beach!

Hooded Towel Poncho

The girls used these multiple times every single day of our vacation. These hooded towel ponchos were PERFECT for the beach and pool. It was so much easier than packing extra clothes and towels. They just wore there to/from the beach and pool. They dry quickly and are super thick and plush. We’ll use them for swim lessons too! FYI Lucy is newly 5 and has the 4-6 size, and Winnie is newly 3 and in the 2-3 size.

Collapsible Sand Toys Set

This collapsible sand toy set was also used every single day of our trip. It was super easy and flat to pack in the suitcase, and perfect for beach days. It comes with lots of little pieces for sand play, but everything fits in the collapsible bucket for easy packing. It also comes with a water bag to easily clean it out. 10/10 recommend this.

Inflatable Body Board

Another thing we brought was two inflatable body boards for the girls. These were awesome because we could roll them small and pack in the suitcase and just inflate easily when we got to our destination. These were great for the girls because they had handles to hold on to! They loved playing in shallow water on these and going on ‘water rides’ (aka one of us adults pulling them) or just floating on them. Note: the Amazon listing shows two boards in the product page but it only comes with one!

Water Shoes

For some reason, I can’t find any photos of the girls wearing these – but we also brought some water shoes that they could easily get on/off themselves. These are great for playing in the sand or water and especially awesome if the beach itself is rocky. We also brought their Native shoes which are a great beach option!

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