kids costume dress up station

Lucy’s big Christmas gift this year was a dress up station! I wanted to share a little bit more about the dress up station and what accessories I included.  What I love about this gift is that it encourages imaginative play, and is an activity Lucy can do now but also in the years to come. It’s a gift that can be built upon and isn’t necessarily “done”; we can always add more costumes and accessories to it!

The most time consuming part was finding a kids sized costume / dress up rack that I actually liked. A lot of the options I found were pretty bulky with bright colors, and I wanted something more minimal that would be functional, but also look good. There were some cute options on Etsy, but shipping took forever, and most of them didn’t have a shelf – something I wanted to store the smaller accessories! I found this minimal wood costume rack on Amazon and am SUPER happy with the purchase, especially for the price. I  ordered these kid-sized wooden hangers on Amazon, too.  We will eventually move the dress up station upstairs to our den/play area/guest room and have a mirror next to it so Lucy can see what she’s wearing.

One of my favorite sources for theeee cutest costumes and accessories is Meri Meri. I’ve ordered their products for baby showers and birthday parties, but this was the first time I ordered a costume. I  am super impressed with the quality and truly everything is like so so so so cute.  I  ordered the Meri Meri glitter star headdress, the flamingo cape, the butterfly dress up kit, and the gold crown during Maisonette’s Black Friday sale. I  also ordered the black firefighter hat from there. Maisonettte has SUPER cute costumes and pretend play accessories! Zara and H&M also have cute costumes, especially around Halloween. Right after Halloween is a great time to stock up on costumes because everything is so marked down, too!

I picked up a few wands from Target and OshKosh (here’s the unicorn one and here’s the star one), glitter masks from OshKosh (like this one, but you can also find these inexpensively at craft stores, Target, Amazon or make your own!). Target’s dollar section is a great place to look for smaller accessories, like wings and headbands. Also – check out secondhand stores! I  found a doctor/nurse shirt and a cute tutu for like $2 each. In Lucy’s costume area, I  have like 10 different headbands — cat ears and unicorn horns and Minnie Mouse ears, etc! All of them were under $3-4/each. A few other ideas for your dress up station: scarves, bandanas, ties, and necklaces.

I love this dress up station and already know Lucy will be using it all the time!


Kids Costume Rack
Kids Wooden Hangers
Unicorn Wand
Star Wand
Glitter Star Headdress 
Flamingo Cape
Butterfly Dress Up Kit
Bunny Costume (sold out – best to get around Halloween!)
Firefighter Hat
Gold Crown
Glitter Mask


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