Kids Routine Chart

My 4 year old is always asking “what are we doing?” and wants to know the plan for the day and what’s coming next. I wanted to find a visual way to help her understand what we’re up to and found this routine chart on Etsy! I purchased and downloaded the digital files, customized it with my kids’ names, and then had everything laminated. From there I cut the routine cards and used Velcro to attach them to the morning, afternoon, and evening charts. I think this will really help her visualize and feel better prepared for her day!

1. Purchased this daily visual routine chart from Etsy shop

2. Downloaded the files and customized the routine chart with Lucy and Winnie’s names

3. Uploaded the routine chart and routine card files to to get printed/laminated. If you have a printer, you can also order laminate sheets and laminate the pages yourself!

4. Cut the routine cards into small squares (it comes with 200!)

5. Attach small Velcro circles to the routine cards and chart. I  ordered a 75 pack of Velcro circles so selected the routine cards that made the most sense for our kids and tucked the ones we wouldn’t use away for now.

6. Hang routine charts on the wall where easily accessible to kids! I keep it hanging in the girls’ art area.



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